bloody weather

Well I’m staring out of the window and it’s absolutely chucking it down today in Buckingham. And it’s cold. I walked down to the shops to get a paper and some milk half an hour ago and I got soaked. Yesterday when we were inside all day at the NEC it was gloriously sunny, if a bit parky. A headline in one of the papers said that 90 mph gales, rain storms and even were on the way this weekend. Oh great.

Because we are determined to be out of the house by the New Year, either through the tentative sale or by coming to some arrangement with our bank, we are faced with clearing the remaining furniture, pictures and stuff from the house before we head back to Italy. Last weekend we planned a garden/shed rummage sale. We’d put a notice on some local online newsboard and had big notices on the fence outside for a couple of days. L&S were staying with us over the w/e and helped me put all the stuff out in the garden. There was tons of it. It started out as a lovely clear morning and I even took to barking at passers by to come on in. Shortly after our first customer (and sale!) it started raining. For frig’s sake. It took us almost an hour and a half to get all the stuff back into the shed.

The plan was to do it all again this weekend but this lousy weather’s put paid to that. Thank you baby Jesus yet again. During the week we invited a guy round who owns a local pine furniture/antiques shop, which we’ve frequented quite a bit over the years, to come and see if he was interested in any of our remaining bits and pieces of furniture. After some teeth sucking he advised me that he could ‘help me out’ by removing a few pieces, even though there wasn’t much current demand for this stuff. He could maybe stretch to £10 for that cute single stripped pine wardrobe – that cost nearly £200 20 years ago and similar examples of which now retail for virtually double that! Is it just me? I’d rather chop it up for firewood, so it was a short conversation. We shalln’t be shopping there again.

So if any friends/readers are interested in any stuff – few items pictured – below shout soon guys. Roll on New Year when we can escape this bloody weather and cynicism.



old-pine-plate-rack-electrical-things-001.jpg old-pine-plate-rack-electrical-things-003.jpgold-pine-plate-rack-electrical-things-006.jpgold-pine-plate-rack-electrical-things-007.jpg


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