take that…again

My daughters and grandson S are off to see Take That tonight at their final show at the O2. It’s S’s first concert and he’s very excited apparently. Kind of spooky really because we met the lads when they had just broken into the charts with Only Takes a Minute and they were appearing at the Children’s Royal Variety Show. We had some friends who were sponsoring the event. Both the lads and our daughters were quite young then. Mark took a bit of a shine to E if I remember; now she’s taking her son to see them. Isn’t life full of twists?

We’re driving B down to London and will hang around till after the show to collect them later. Could be quite a late night before we get back home methinks. Same for E and S, heading back to Brighton afterwards. Will do a fuller report tomorrow no doubt but many thanks to my good friend J for tonight. Such a pal.



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