the big one

If you’re a football fan you’ll appreciate that today’s one of the big derby days in world football. It could be Man U v City or Inter v AC but it’s not. Nor is it Liverpool v Everton, Celtic v Rangers, Real v Athletico, River Plate v Boca nor even Sheff Wed v the Blades. However the last one is closer in terms of playing level. If you know my footballing passions you’re probably guessed it by now; it’s the first clash of the NW Lancs titans as Blackpool visit Preston for the first match up between the sides in years. I know you’re all relishing the fixture too….

Or maybe not. From an earlier posting, ‘betcha bally’s smiling’ 27 May, I related how Blackpool started slipping down the leagues during the 70’s and only just got back up to the second tier of English football this season. If anything Preston’s long slow slide began before Blackpool’s but they hit the bottom and started their recovery years ago. Of course they’ve been an established Championship side for some time now and have been knocking on the door of the Premiership via play-off flirtations for the last 5 years or so. But, as I said above, today is the first head-to-head for eons and both sides are struggling this season and hovering around the relegation zone. So not only is it the first time the local sides have played for bragging rights in ages, it’s also spiced up by being a classic 6 pointer. Today the victors could seriously help to consign the vanquished to relegation hell. So much at stake.

It’s not the same scale as the Glasgow or Milan derbies I know, but it’s no less intense if you’re a fan. Plus this is the the first instance in well over a decade for the Pool and the Lillywhites whereas there are 7 or 8 Glasgow derbies every season aren’t there? Less is sometimes more. Any other great unsung derbies out there?


ps woo hoo blackpool win the match  1-0. come on you seasiders. oh yes


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