late night

Well the girls and S had a good old time at the Take That concert. As a first experience I think he really enjoyed it – a bit late for him by the end but such a thrill. By all accounts he was singing along to all the recent big hits. C and I headed up to the original Greenwich village for a bite to eat whilst the concert was on. We had a super meal at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Don’t know if you’ve tried these guys – they have a few outlets around but sensational burgers, nice venues, great service and really reasonably priced.

Anyway the concert was over around 10.30pm. We parked up as near as possible to the main entrance and I went to meet them there. S was pretty full of it and hungry! E bought him something from one of the outside concessions and I went with her, S and S to find her car. She wasn’t totally sure of the location but we found it soon enough and by shortly after 11 pm we were heading back to Buckingham with B whilst the guys were heading into Richmond to drop Sl off then on to Brighton.

We’d gone in along the Old Kent Rd through New Cross etc using the route I use when I go and see Milwall with my good friend John. It was really busy going in so I’d decided that on the way home I’d take the Blackwall tunnel north across the river, through the City and then head north up the M1. I’m not kidding it was so busy getting through the east end and the City. It was close to midnight before we were getting through the Angel and it was packed with traffic all the way up Holloway Rd, Highgate and onwards towards the M1. As bad as rush hour.

Eventually we got on the M1 but without any advance warning the 5 lane section approaching Hemel was reduced to a single lane. So at 1pm in the morning we’re sat on the motorway in a humongous jam, not moving. I think it must have been bridge rebuilding because at the HH junction all northbound traffic was then taken off the motorway to the roundabout at the old BP headquarters only to be re-routed back to the N-bound motorway again. It was bloody chaos.

We’d had enough so we continued into Hemel and picked up the A41 on the other side of town and headed off to Aylesbury and home that way. We got back at 2.15am. We literally just parked up and locked the car when E texted to say she’d just got back to Brighton at precisely the same time. Spooky but it had obviously been just as bad getting through south London.

Is it just me or is our traffic system beyond hope in the SE if it takes 3.5 hours to drive 70 miles at that time of night? Just a nightmare. Maybe it’s just that I’ve got out of the habit of the commute journey but does anybody else out there have views about our hopelessly congested capital?



5 thoughts on “late night

  1. Hello fpb

    Thanks for coming back to visit. Please excuse my boldness commenting on your site (and please don’t feel obliged to leave this up).

    My site is only a month old baby and I do it for fun, I keep writing at that rate even when I know no one is reading! I post anywhere from 5 to 30 times per day depending on what stories I find. I write about different types of people, myself, old and breaking news, and funny things I find online, to mix it up/ make it more interesting/ and save my some readers time surfing. I get anywhere from 150 to 450 people per day (randomly).

    I took your suggestion and took the DB post off sports. I wasn’t being presumptuous I just didn’t think of it that way. I am very new and am always open to suggestions on how to make the blog a little better 😉

    Please feel free to come back and comment on any little articles of mine if you stumble on.


  2. hi lg

    have enjoyed going through your blog. you must spend hours researching material! your style is very different from mine – i’m all words and very few images which can get terribly dull i guess. who cares what i think about anything? occasionally i will upload a photo but i see that it takes up significant amounts of wordpress memory. so i’m intrigued by all the you tube links you put on your site. two questions a) how do you do that ie upload a YT link onto your blog and b) how come it doesn’t appear to consume all your memory facility on wordpress?

    I’ll keep your message up permanently – hope it provides some traffic for you. you should ignore comments from blokes like me that photos of DB are not really ‘sports’ content. that’s the point of this blogging stuff; it’s free-form.

    I’m very impressed with your traffic stats after just one month. I’ve yet to get more than 400 visits in a single day, though last week was my best ever weekly total at just under 800. I’d better cut down on the words and get more visual stimulus installed eh!

    Good luck with the blog lg

  3. FPB

    Thanks for your wishes and your reply. I am flattered you like my blog. My personal interests are eclectic at best and it shows in my writing, but people seem to like it! I spend a few hours surfing everyday for fun anyway, so it really doesn’t cost any extra time. I use my site in the same way people use ‘Digg’ or ‘Delicious’ the bookmarking sites. It is my way to log things that pique my interest.

    Funnily enough, I started using YouTube clips to get around the issue of a small amount of WordPress memory! As you said, pictures use a lot of space, so I started embedding clips to illustrate my point instead. It’s actually quicker than using a picture and it doesn’t use any memory whatsoever. All you need to do to embed a YouTube clip is the following; go to the page of the desired clip, look for the grey box in the top right corner entitled ‘About this video’, look for the box full of code named ‘Embed’, click on this code and copy it, once back in your ‘new post’ on WordPress- paste the code. The video is now ready to go. You just need to write your article and publish for it to embed and play (you can do all of this in the normal editor, you don’t need to know any HTML). You can even add text above or below the clip, like I do, to shake it up and make it part of the post (ps some people disable embedding on their videos and it will show as ‘Embedding Disabled’, fyi, there is always more of the same out there 😉 )

    Like they say, its quality not quantity, a reader that will come back and maybe even tell their friends about you is worth 5 that wont! All the best.


    P.S. Very nice of you to keep the post up, much appreciated.

  4. a ha lg, so that’s the secret. I’m going to give it a try. thank you. I’m such a luddite about technology.

    i’ll keep checking by your site – for my fix of what’s making the celebrity headlines over the water/lg news.

    take care

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