what’s it all, about ralfie?

I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of Ralf Little. Firstly the spelling of his christian name, is that for real Ralf or an actor thang? Then I never really got into the Royle Family. I thought the premise was ok but none of the characters was likeable to me or admirable. It’s easy to mock northern life and the joke wore thin on me too quickly. Ralf’s character just seemed like the most pathetic of a pretty dense bunch. Then Ralf appeared in all those celebrity football events and programmes and he just seemed to be so irritatingly self-satisfied as it was possible to get. That jokey big mates stuff with the Soccer AM crowd used to drive me nuts in particular – I know it’s probably just envy on my part.

Anyway today he featured in the Sunday Times in an interview for the Style section no less (his smugness must be quite unbearable now). We learn that after The Royle Family ended he headed out to Los Angeles to try his chances in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a natural career path of course from Ancoats to Laurel Canyon but let’s not be churlish. He spent his time playing footie, of course, with Robbie Williams for Hollywood Utd and messing about in his pad in the Hills. Whatever.

Then he rather casually throws that one meeting with a producer took his particular fancy and to cut a long story short he’s now one of the main characters in the internet weblog-drama Kate Modern. It’s a kind of interactive reality TV but shot in bite-size daily chunks and accessed via the Bebo social-networking site. It’s so cutting edge it’s like thrusting your hand into a bucket of Gillette razor blades. And Ralf’s now the darling of all those 11-24 year olds who frequent the site. Is it popular? Well it has attracted just the 30m views worldwide in the last 3 months.

And I go on about my blog attracting nearly 10,000 blogs in 8 months. Ummm.

Well, well done Ralf you must be unbelievably smug sorry happy with your decision to get onboard and become the most famous face on ‘snack tv’. Well he tells us that ‘I had a moment at a party last week when the cast were introduced as being on the most successful internet TV show in the world. You can’t take that stuff away, really’.

No you can’t, you smug b*stard.


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