no way FA – say jose

So after acting like a prick-tease for the last two weeks Jose Mourinho has finally confirmed that he doesn’t fancy a fling with the FA. Only after a lot of heart-searching you understand. Do me favour Jose, we all know you’ve been flirting like crazy with a big European club since leaving Chelsea and now they’ve taken the bait. It can’t be long before you ‘re in bed with them. Who’s the lucky one to get the special one? Well the talk in the sports bars is that it’s down on their luck AC Milan but I’ve been advocating the real deal Real Madrid for months (see my premonition about his sacking in the posting ‘Forecasting’, 21 Sept). So we’ll see eh!

I have to say I’m not disappointed. He’s charismatic but hugely egotistical and often blinkered and irrational. But I would have had a greater concern than some unwelcome character flaws. Sven was tempted by outside offers from time to time, though never embarrassed about pursuing them, because of his lack of deep emotional attachment. I think it would have been worse with Jose; always being linked with every top job in world football. amd that would be totally unsettling. No it’s better he gets big club football out of his system and maybe turns to international management once he’s had his fill. Surely too, management of the Portuguese national side will be his ultimate destination.

I’m pleased that for once the FA didn’t get sucked into a little courtship game. It leaves them free now to pursue the main candidates for the job. They should in my view test O’Neill with a name-your-price genuine offer to see whether he is as committed to Aston villa as he claims. I believe he may be tempted if it is absolutely clear that he really is the wanted man. The FA can surely make clear that they were just forcing Jose to make his Real intentions clear. O’Neill would buy that.

If O’Neill is adamant that he doesn’t want the job at any price then Capello should be appointed without delay. He is the outstanding foreign candidate in my view – tough, uncompromising, ruthless, successful, intelligent and pragmatic. We’d qualify without heart-failure under him and he’d be absolutely cynical enough to get us through to the very final stages of the WC and EN I reckon. It won’t always be pretty football under him but I’d settle for a bit of winning ugly by England.

Sort it out Brian; Martin or Fabio. Go get your man.


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