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I don’t know if you remember but I did a posting (‘deja vu viewing’, Sept 4) about this day-time programme called ‘Have I Been Here Before’ which invited minor celebs to undergo a regression session. It did nothing but show that our dreams are rarely anchored in fact and they had this historian, Jules Hudson, to prove that there was no evidence to show that our celebs had been here before. Big surprise eh! If I was being charitable I’d say it was a diverting half hour but to be honest it was just a pile of rubbish. Anyway after writing the posting I was surprised to receive quite a flurry of comments from the said Jules and another reader, Lizzie Falconer, who is a renowned pyschic and soul therapist. It made for better entertainment than anything I served up. But you sensed some deeper issues.

Anyway, what do you know, I was catching some early morning tv today – another half hour bit of fluff called ‘Escape to the Country’ and who should pop up as the main presenter – just Jules again. Do you know the programme? A couple, fed up with life in the city are determined to move to the country. They have a budget and a favoured location and it’s Jules’ job to find them 3 possible new homes plus a ‘mystery’ selection, which actually isn’t mysterious in any sense and just serves as a 4th option. I say it’s Jules’ job but the daily programme has alternate presenters; his oppo is Alistair Appleton. Now Alistair has a face that the camera likes and he is a regular presenter on day-time tv. His programme credits cover such stuff as House Doctor, Cash in the Attic and the gruesome Garden Invaders (except when the lovely Kim Wilde is on). So I can see how Alistair’s moving up the programme food chain.

But without wishing to sound ungallant I’m struggling to see what Jules’ brings to the party – an historian and academic presenting a property show. Eh? I thought I’d do some research because I remember other presenters of the show. The last 3 front guys have been:

Melissa Porter who used to work in the property business and still runs her own design and renovation service. And she’s rather attractive.

Nick Page who is less attractive (in fact he’s a big old unit). He’s a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit and has an easy presenter style. Tellingly he used to work as an estate agent but the clinching fact is that, like me, he studied International Politics and History at uni. Not relevant but clearly a top man.

Catherine Gee is a bit too jolly hockey sticks for my taste, sorry C. I always got the impression she was looking down on all these properties and their owners with budgets of no more than £300k. She always seemed a bit too posh totty for the programme – maybe she was spoiled by being the successor presenter to Lloyd Grossman on ‘Through the Keyhole’. (Just as an aside I shall never forget seeing on ThK the homes of Michael Fish – thousands of tasteless nick-nacks – and Su Pollard – decorated as bizarrely as her dress sense).

So it’s rather easier to see the other presenters’ credentials. There’s not much online evidence to indicate Jules’ property expertise and his tv career has hardly been in this genre so far. If he’d moved up to replace the inimitable Tony Robinson on Time Team I could understand it – though I do think Tony’s enthusiastic spikiness is irreplaceable, like Phil’s lank sweaty hair and hat and Mick Aston’s equally inexplicable hairstyle and taste in jumpers. I digress. Is Jules any good at the job – which is a more pertinent question of course. Er…he doesn’t seem entirely comfortable to me. He’s not got the property patter nor does he seem to have his heart in it. I got the impression he couldn’t give a f*ck whether they bought the house or not. Nick seemed to care deeply if they rejected his ideas. Jules also seems uncomfortable with the guests – there’s a lot of hand-wringing and nervous laughter. He just looked today like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world rather than stuck in Snowdonia with this nice pleasant rather dull couple. He only seemed to come to life when he had a beer in his hand rather than their world.

So what? Jules’ career is nothing to do with me and if he makes a mark presenting this stuff then who am I to criticise? I just wonder what qualities TV producers look for in their presenters and where all this ends up for Jules – fronting BB, I’m a Celeb, X Factor? That’s not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe that Time Team slot is the one after all JH…

Yeh like he cares!


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17 thoughts on “just jules

  1. Dearest Pasta Paulie,
    Have you fallen in love with Jules Hudson? Are these jealous rantings from PP?! It certainly sounds like it. You criticise to such an extent that you appear obsessed!
    I’m sure Jules is flattered with the attention, although I’m also pretty sure he must be a little uncomfortable with it too. Any chance of insightful, constructive and, dare I say it, intelligent criticism of anything or anyone anytime soon? Come on Pasta Paulie, move on and leave Jules Hudson alone, it’s getting embarrassing!

  2. Well I think he is absolutely gorgeous and yes I am obsessed!

    I believe he DOES have the property patter and has a uncanny natural ability in front of the camera. Alistair is also good but Jules is my favourite by some distance.

    Don’t worry Jules you do have a fan club!


  3. hi lucy

    thanks for checking in and for supporting JH. My how this guy attracts the female viewer. He’s got something Lucy clearly and although i can’t see it, who am i to judge eh?

    fat bald ugly bespectacled

  4. Well, I really like Jules too, he should know he has a fan in Holland, but he is difficult to find on the BBC site and the ETTC one. Any suggestions anyone?? =TA=

  5. great to hear from you.

    gosch, jules must have an army of adoring female fans in holland – maybe he should change his name to jools hudson. i’ve clearly mis-read his obvious appeal. unless old jules is penning these messages himself….nah nobody would be that self-obsessed.

    thanks for checking in

  6. Gosh, PP, you just cannot help yourself eh…maybe a little bit jealous of the man that we seem to be appreciating for what he is ? 😉

  7. I love your site, v. interesting, but must say that I think you have misjudged Jules in Escape to the County , I love ETTC and especially love Jules’ programmes, they are much improved to the previous presenters, I do argee that Alistair is also a good presenter on the show. With regards to Jules it’s obviously a personal taste, possibly like marmite, you either love him or you hate him. I personally love him, I think he puts the buyers at ease and to me seems to have a real passion for property – I must admit I’ve never seen him on anything else but I love propery and property programmes and think Jules is a credit to the show.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my opinion on Jules as I thought he was getting a battering from you!!!

    He is also a hard man to track any info on, so if anyone knows of a website or anything please post.

    Well thats all from me, I bet you’re glad!!

    C x

  8. hi cheryl
    and many thanks for checking in and your kind comments. as for jules, i am i awe at his considerable appeal. i have to admit the guy has something given the comments i receive from his female fan base. 10 out of 10 jules – i misjudged you clearly (although i think it’s a girl thing with him, exclusively).


    • hi rod
      and many thks for checking in. he doesn’t seem that easy in the role to me either but I think we’re in the minority. every woman who writes in just loves the julesmeister !


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  10. I really like Jules and think he carries off ETTC very well. I would watch anything with Jules in but do hope he doesn’t slip into the slimey celeb world, that would be too awfull.

  11. Hi Kathleen and many thanks for checking in.

    Yet another female fan of the Julesmeister. i’ve gotta say he’s got something that women like….. I hope he doesn’t get all Z-list too K. He seems a decent guy – witness J’s earlier comments to the original posting about him.

    take care K


  12. Hi, FPB, yeah Jules is great. I find him really relaxed and easy to watch. he carries of ETTC very well. Wish he was in more stuff, we don’t see enough of him in my book.

    Kathleen x

  13. Hi Kathleen

    and many thanks for checking in again. i’m tempted to suggest to JH that we should organise a fans forum or something. you interested?


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