xmas gift service

Our friend Gill gave me a great idea for a service much needed at xmas time. You know the scene, you haven’t a clue what to buy your wife or girlfriend/husband or fella as a xmas present. And probably vice versa. To tell them what you want, what you really want would spoil the magic but you’re worried about getting the set of pans, peek-a-boo lingerie, a horrid green jumper or similar unwanted gift. Well why don’t you tell me exactly what you want, give me your partner’s e-mail address and I’ll drop them a festive message from Pasta Paulie’s A Little Bird Told Me service with all the relevant details.

It’s perfect: it protects you both from accusations of being non-imaginative and ensures you don’t waste money on crap presents that’ll never get used or worn! I could add a premium service which allows the recipient to confirm to me that they’ve got the said present or that perhaps they were unable to source it so they could ask me to ask you what else you’d like. In either case I’d let you know how things were going.

I’m very excited; no more trips back to the exchange department, no more disappointments, no more wrong sizes (come on girls does your fella know your exact bra size? – thought not!). All it takes is a little message to me and I’ll do the rest. Trust me; I’m an olive oil producer. If the service works maybe buy me a glass of wine next time we meet.

Buon Natale amici


2 thoughts on “xmas gift service

  1. Hey P

    Looks like I am your first lets see how well it works! Not a huge list from me. As you know I am a a woman of simple pleasures, I dont ask for much in life! Besides E and J have already had the pleasure of doing Xmas shopping with Dad before I saw your posting and sounds like my stocking will be pretty full if the hints they are dropping are anything to go by !
    So my final desired gift would be ……..
    Tiffany Woven bangle, no item no, description basic bangle, narrow, medium, sterling silver £170.00. Heres hoping you can do your stuff!

    See you later

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