the X factor?

More like Why? factor if you ask me. Surely I can’t be alone in thanking the Lord that I don’t have to endure any more programmes featuring Simon the Almighty Cowell, at least for a week. Is it just me or do you despair too of all this let’s find a new star stuff? It’s not the concept of unearthing new talent I object to a al Hughie Green. It’s just the bloody way he’s so controlling. Jeez we’ve had seemingly months of this latest show.

It starts with the auditions in 17 cities around the UK selecting the next stage candidates for the boot camp (ha!) in the lovely Balearics. Then we have programmes on the best of the good bits and best of the bad bits from the auditions – like there’s a difference. What they mean is showcasing the half-wits and the no-wits. Then the finalists are selected. Then it’s 26 weeks reducing these down to a final bloody 3 and the last night!! Thank God did I hear you say?

Because it doesn’t end there. It feels like we have to endure a 6 hour TV marathon to find the winner, where we have to watch Jason Donovan duetting with the wholesome but scary brother and sister act Same Difference (which I think is a perfect way to describe all the acts generally) and then a shade less wearily watching Kylie in her underwear performing with the little Scottish bloke who is tinier than her, then Kathyrn Jenkins warbling with the weird one from Wales. And I’m not talking Tom Jones but Rhydian or something. The little Scottish guy won it. As if we care. Well my daughter R does. And there’s the behind the scenes bit after the show and today it was all repeated in all its horror.

But that’s not all because callous Cowell’s management company which produces the show is also going to manage these poor saps for the time being. He’s had weeks and weeks of massive free publicity and tomorrow no doubt the winner will be releasing his debut album from which the single will inevitably end up as the Xmas no 1. Of course they’ll have to knock Leona Lewis off the No 1 spot in the album charts, that’s Leona who won last season’s X Factor. Not just that but today I see in today’s Culture magazine that the X Factor UK tour featuring 9 of the acts kicks off in February. Alongside the ad for this tour is the promotional ad for the Paul Potts tour, the winner of the last Cowell TV series, Britain’s Got Talent. Paul’s tour kicks off before the X Factor one – well it would be wrong to ask Simon’s many fans to choose between the two events wouldn’t it? Had enough?

Well it can’t be long before his next series, perhaps the new edition of Pop Idol breaks over here. And if that’s not enough sly Si pops over to the US where he fronts the American version of his talent-spotting show American Idol which also airs around the world. It’s my daughter’s favourite tv show in Italy! Mamma mia.

I can’t escape the shallow Cowell. He’s in the celeb mags that Jayne brought over last night apparently having a fling with fellow presenter Danii Minogue, sister to Kylie who appeared on last night’s finale. He seems to sh*g fellow presenters on both sides of the Atlantic together with most of the A-C list female celebrity anythings he can impress with his high-waisted trousers and huge fortune.

It’s enough to make me long for the days of Search for a Star.


ps just updating this on xmas eve and sure enough leon is no 1. where’s the fun now in predicting the final ToTP of the year? surely something’s gotta be done about this manipulation  through massive free tv publicity. then again do I care what’s no 1  any longer. er …no to be honest.

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