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Well first off I need to thank my fellow blogger for explaining to me how to upload video clips to the postings. If all goes well I’ll try and load some to demonstrate this week’s ad watch bunch. If you’re interested in the celebrity world across the pond you should check out lg’s site too – it’s good fun.

First off you must have come across the Knock Off Nigel ad. I first heard it on Talksport in its radio format. I honestly thought it was one of those in-house trailers they produce on their presenters for their shows. But the only presenter with that christian name is Nigel Pearson one of the football commentators on Matchday Live. It seemed a most peculiar way to trail his programme. They often make fun of Alan Brazil’s drinking, Mike Parry’s meanness, Beaky’s cardigans etc but aiming shots at a presenter’s penchant for buying hooky goods seemed a little barbed if not slanderous. It was only the other day when I saw the TV commercial for the first time that I realised it was an ad from the Government’s PSA promoting an anti-piracy message. Do they seriously think being thought of as a KON is going to deter people from buying bootleg versions of popular videos, DVDs, CDs etc which retail for £15-£20, for just a few quid down the pub? Nor do I. Check out the ad if you’ve just been released from clink (for video piracy no doubt) and haven’t yet seen it:-

Not sure I’ve quite got the hang of this embedding lark but bear with me on this. It’s a catchy, annoying little ditty but a hopelessly ineffective campaign I reckon. Like some ASBO holders I reckon that many folks will wear the KON badge with pride not shame. 2 out of 10.

Next up the Chanel No5 ad starring Nicole Kidman. It’s been out for ages but is having a reprise as a) it’s xmas gift shopping time and b) they apparently spent £18m on it so I guess they need their money’s worth. It’s been described as the most beautiful ad ever produced (presumably by Chanel and the ad agency) but I don’t know. What amuses me about this pile of lipgloss is the bit where the lonely guy on top of the skyscraper asks Nicole ‘who are you?’ and she replies ‘I’m a dancer; I love to dance’. Now this seems a little odd because earlier in the ad we’re informed that Nicole’s character, the world’s top model, had disappeared. So was she joshing with the guy? And he took her in too when she was low. Bitch. Whatever, she does a funny little jiggle and a giggle when she delivers these lines which just makes me howl. It’s a very odd piece of acting. Check it out below. Meanwhile it scores just 4 out of 10:-

See what I mean?

Anyway ad number 3 is a real lulu. It’s for a company called Helibeds. Don’t ask. Some bird on a bed explains that you can find about their beds in 3 very different and exciting ways…wait for it… online, over the phone or by popping into the stores. Well f*ck me. They even show 3 little symbols on-screen to help the poor viewer remember these complex instructions. Very thoughtful. She then shouts at some people off camera, cupping hand to her ear, to remind her of the company’s name/e-address. It’s love, don’t you remember from your opening explanation not 10 seconds ago and the f*cking logo above your head? Then in case we too had just forgotten the company name, this bed-cum-helicopter buzzes into view like a scene from Apocalypse Now. It just needed Robert Duvall to add that he loves the smell of clean linen in the morning to make the ad surreally perfect. But it’s not; it’s amateurish, badly acted, utter rubbish. 1 out of 10 is more than it deserves:-

Am I right or wrong?


7 thoughts on “more odd ads

  1. Hi just wanted to say that I work for the company and these sort of ads really work, I know because everyone that comes into our stores comments on the ad. It sticks in your head, it obviously caught your attention. Advirtisers can spend milions on fancy ads and not focus on the product. Take the gorilla playing the drums, what is it advirtising????????? its the adverts that repeat and that are simple that work KISS keep it simple stupid.

  2. hi tonto

    i’m humbled that you like the company’s advertising so much. helibeds should be proud of you. and you think the gorilla ad is ineffective? i think you might be a lone ranger on that one son.


  3. Who cares about the smell of linen in the night or the morning! Advertising really does work, the blonde chick is gorgeous and if she`s still on offer I`ll take her! So I repeat…the blonde chick is gorgeous and if she is still on offer there will be plenty of `smellin linen mornin noon an night`!

    Does anyone know her name?

    PS. No I am not a gorilla beating my drums!

  4. hi gigsi
    thanks for checking in.

    i think you should just enquire about her at what was that e-mail again?

    happy hunting g

  5. Annoying ad yes, badly acted yes, effective yes. I believe it is supposed to be that way and you have added to it by publicising the company – well done 🙂 In this day and age if you can order something and get it same day I don’t care how crap the adverts are. Ciao

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