behind schedule, the 3 tenors and sir cliff

Well having the kids around has meant that my target of doing 50 postings this month is way behind schedule. After this I still need to do, I think, 16 further postings and time’s running out. But we’ll give it a go. Fortunately the visitor numbers are still pretty good and we may just make the 2,500 visits target for the month by hitting 11,200 total visits before end December.

Speaking of schedules, did anyone else catch the Great Escape on TV yesterday afternoon (what a segue!)? I’ve seen it so many times that I know must of the dialogue word for word. I like the James Garner/Donald Pleasance characters the best, Henley the scrounger and Colin the forger who goes blind. But as Henley explains to the miserabe CO Bartlett played by darling Dickie, ‘As long as Colin’s with me, he can see’. Top stuff. Great scenes of the late Steve McQueen on the stolen bike. Did any guy look cooler in just chino’s and t-shirt?

The highlight of the TV programmes so far for me has been to re-watch the 3 tenors performing in Rome with Mehta conducting . What a show that was. It’s hard not to watch Pavarotti performing Nessun Dorma without getting emotional at his brilliance but the performance which almost topped it for me was Domingo singing E Lucevan le stelle (which I’ve mentioned before in the ‘Verona’ posting). Here’s the clip in case you haven’t seen it. Check out Mehta at the end. Just awesome….

Anyway I watched the 3 tenors and felt uplifted, switched channels and what did we stumble across – England’s answer to the tenors; bloody Cliff Richard performing Mistletoe and Wine on TOTP 2 with all that hand-waving schmaltz and supported by the campest-looking trio of backing singers I’ve ever seen. It made me so proud to be English. How can a man have the hair of a 20 year old and the neck of someone who’s 70? Is he an alien ? Have a look:

The only thing that moved within me when I watched Cliff’s performance was my bowel. Can you think of a worse Xmas No1 song/performance ever?



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