buon natale

Well it’s Xmas eve and presents still need wrapping and preparations made for all the family turning up tomorrow. We can’t wait. I’ve done a few postings today to get me back on schedule but time to get back to the family. However just a quick message to anyone who checks into the blog to wish you a very happy xmas and a great new year. I’ve had such a buzz doing this blog which began  as a diary of our time establishing a new home/life in Italy and which has become a record of our time back here in the UK trying to get our affairs in order. It’s not always been uplifting I know but I hope it’s not always been dull. I admit the lorry spotting posting was not a universally-admired bit of free-thought.  Anyway, more people than I ever expected have checked in and I thank you for doing so. As they say in Italy may you and your family/loved ones have a buon natale.

Ciao amici



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