I think the spirit of Xmas is getting spread thinner and thinner this year. A few days ago we received an envelope with a Malaga post mark. We thought it might be a card from our old friends M and S who have a place near Marbella, although they tend to spend Xmas over here with the kids in their beautiful Formby home. So I opened it and inside was a 2 page folded letter, obviously not from M and S.

Instead it purported to be from some Spanish lottery informing me I had won a substantial prize in their sweepstake with my winning ticket number. I’ve attached a photo here but I’m not sure you’ll be able to read it.


The gist is that I need to contact my claim agent in Spain, one Daniel Gonzales, urgently of course to claim my prize. Now this was something of a surprise given that we haven’t been out to Spain in at least 4/5 years and certainly have never bought a lottery ticket out there. But I guess the clue to what this was all about was the details they asked you to supply to the claim agent to allow the funds to be transferred to us – all our name and address and other personal details, plus bank details including account numbers, sort codes etc. The letter also requests that we keep details of the win from public notice until such time as the banking transfers are all affected, to protect our security. How thoughtful of them.

Pretty cynical huh? How many of these must have been sent out and how many poor people have sent off the details only to have their accounts wiped out immediately before Xmas? I’m not sure who to report this sort of thing to, Trading Standards Officers, the police? What would they do realistically? Is it just us or has anybody else seen this sort of thing this Xmas?


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