the rise of the barrowman

Is it just me or have you noticed a new phenomenon on the UK entertainment scene – the seemingly non-stop appearances of John Barrowman. Who he? Well I knew nothing of him until grandson S pointed him out to me on his favourite programme Doctor Who, from which he moved to a starring role in the DW spin-off Torchwood. After that he was in his element as one of the excitable judges on the BBC’s camp-fest search for a new Joseph, Any Dream Will Do.

I thought he was just an actor with a dodgy American accent but he’s a singer and dancer too by George and has a list of appearances in the musicals as long as a chorus line. The other night he was on radio 2 doing a tribute to the songs of Jerry Herman (who he too?) and tonight I believe he’s competing in a song/dance-off between the contestants and judges of the BBC’s two summer hits finding new leads for Maria and Joseph. It sounds ghastly but no doubt our daughter R will be tuning in. Throughout all this he’s appearing as Aladdin in one of the UK’s biggest pantomines at the Birmingham Hippodrome with his face all over the Sunday listings. Add to that the dozens of appearances on day-time chat shows and mid-evening quiz shows.  He’s a popular bloke clearly and he always comes across as insanely happy. I bet his agent looks the same.

I thought I’d do some research and checked out his website – lots of great photos of the B-man, all dazzling teeth and Robert Wagner style hair. He’s happily married to his civil partner Scott – but I started to waver when reading that the ‘smitten pair have enjoyed a blissful relationship’. However it seems ‘the love of his life’ was his dog Miss Moneypenny, sadly now an ex-dog. It heads downhill from there.

But good luck to you JB, I’ve no idea how you became so popular but he’s either got a watching angel at the BBC or he’s just a guy who can’t say no, as Jerry may have put it. This is him being interviewed on Strictly Come Dancing – it’s done in his usual shy down-played style


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