50 up and ’07 over

Well this is the 50th posting this month. I’m delighted to say that we’ve gone through the 2500 visits target to the site in December – looks like it’ll be somewhere close to the 2,800 mark. That’s brilliant and slightly staggering to be honest so thank you all for checking in.

Since starting the blog in May I’ve found this to be a great way to work out frustrations. It’s been a challenging year in many respects. After 8 lovely months in Italy we came back to England as my daughter’s long-awaited date for her knee operation had finally come through. That was on 18 December and although the operation has been successful, we knew it would be weeks before she could walk again. So we were committed to at least 3 months’ recovery time here which was fine.

During that time our second daughter E married S out in Mauritius and we and S’s parents hosted two lovely celebratory lunches for them in Essex and at Heathcote’s in Preston. Second grandson G came along in the spring and then my mum became hospitalised and we nearly lost her. Fortunately she’s made a good recovery.

We changed our estate agents and people at last started to visit the house. We decided to give it the summer over here to assist R’s recovery, give it the best shot to be on hand to help sell the house and to get my consultancy established with UK clients.

Then C’s mum became ill towards Autumn time and sadly died in October. We at last had some serious interest in the house but this has concided with our issues with the banks slowly deteriorating. We have less than two weeks now to get a sale completed or we’ll have to hand the keys over to the bank.

In some ways it’s been our annus horribilis but with some highlights thrown in – the love of our ever-expanding family and friends coming through for us. But we should be back in Italy soon when this blog can revert to its original purpose as a diary of events in search of la dolce vita, with a few rants thrown in for good measure. I hope you’ll still come and visit from time to time.

For us 2007 has been tough and we won’t be sad to see 2008 come in. But for all that we wish you out there a great night tonight and a happy and successful New Year.

Ciao amici

4 thoughts on “50 up and ’07 over

  1. You have a natural voice which is a joy to read. I also admire your throwing everything up into the air to find a new direction in life. Inspiring…

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