pasta paulie sporting awards 2007

Well all the papers are doing it so I thought I’d do my own favourite sporting memories, and some not so glorious ones, of the year. So here goes:

Most deserving award: surely Joe Calzaghe winning the BBC’s Sports Personality OTY for his outstanding boxing achievements over more than 10 years ahead of rookie Lewis Hamilton, whose time will surely come.

Unbelieveable Comeback award: it’s got to be the England rugby team at the RWC. Awful in the first match against S Africa and then bloody good against Australia and France.

Team of the RWC: it ought to be S Africa but for me it was Argentina before they ran of steam.

Best game of the RWC: Wales V Fiji had it all.

Lack of grace award: Lawrence Dallaglio’s post event revelations about Brian Ashton’s failings.

Best find: Will Geenwood’s touchline commentaries were just sharp and funny and really captured the moment.

Footballer of the Year: Ronaldo for me; if he was awesome last season, how do you describe his performances this year (apart from that bloody penalty miss)? I know Arsenal fans will say Fabregas but it’s my blog, so there. He’ll probably be there next year.

Most exciting new player: the little toothmonster himself Carlos Tevez, brilliant for West Ham and now forming a great relationship with Rooney. I just love to watch him play.

Complete and Utter Prick of the Year: no contest the buffon McClaren. Absolutely no idea how to run a national side. Ecstatic he’s gone of course though his £2.5m payoff still rankles badly with me. I’d be more than happy to be totally ineffective for less than half that amount. Second place Barwick for appointing him and claiming that he was first choice all along.

Best appointment: potentially it’s Barwick redeeming himself for ignoring Mourinho’s posturing and actually appointing someone who might just know what he’s doing, Capello. We live in hope. Second place Sven at City?

Worst appointment: joint first – Sammy Lee at Bolton and Stan Staunton as Republic of Ireland manager. Absolutely nailed on failures.

Villain: no-one comes close to matching Joey Barton, who’s just a scally thug who cannot change his spots.

Fool: Sam Allardyce for thinking he could handle JB.

Best win: Padraig Harrington’s victory in the Open. What a final day.

Welcome sight: the resurrection of Carnoustie.

The Don’t Blow It All Son Award: Freddie Flintoff fell to earth and off a pedallo during the year. The signs aren’t good but I hope he beats those deamons and the injuries. Come on Freddie.

Crass judgement award: surely Duncan Fletcher for a) not sorting Flintoff out and his drinking issues – send him home if he wasn’t capable b) then spilling the beans on him to help sell his book. Twat.

Bad loser: Alonso. Enough said?

It had to happen award: Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea. Tee hee.

Party Organiser: No obvious winner this year but not sure Sir Alex will let Rio have the job again

Would you believe it award: Kieron Fallon. Just stick to the horse-riding son, you’re bloody good at it.

Most satisfying moment: England beating France in the RWC.

The only way we’re going to win at Wimbledon award: get Jelena Jankovic to offer the British guys whatever they want – seriously chaps.

And on that bombshell that’s it folks. Let me know if I’ve missed any out or you disagree with the selections.

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