clooney comes clean

There was a nice report in the Independent today about honesty in actors. Several were very candid; Sir Anthony Hopkins suggesting that ‘acting is easy’, Hugh Grant confesssing he ‘can’t do Chekov’, Alec Baldwin admitting ‘stars are greedy’ and so on. But the most disarming reflection was George Clooney’s admission that his attempt at Batman was so lousy it ‘killed the franchise’.

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ronaldo; rocket ronnie

Just a very small posting to celebrate Ronaldo’s fantastic free-kick last night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s shown below. He notched up his usual brace and that puts him on 27 goals for the season so far and he’s closing in on George Best’s best ever tally. Ferguson reckoned it was the best-ever free-kick yet seen in the Premiership and today’s reports reckon Man U’s first-half performance was just electrifying – the most complete period of football most fans have ever witnessed. In view of next week’s 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster, could there possibly be a more fitting tribute to the memory of those who died? Enough poignancy, just enjoy this beautiful piece of football:



ian poulter, eh

I did a posting about Ian (Poulter; pretty in pink) back in the summer. He wore an outfit that even Katie Price might have been embarrassed to wear, at the Scottish Open, to promote his new clothing range. He spent so much time doing promotional stuff that week he forgot about winning the tournament that was so within his grasp. I have a thing about that kind of footballer’s attitude – I earn £100k a week who gives a sh*t about the frigging FA Cup – that I have to react against it a little. Like they care what I think. It doesn’t matter; I still feel it.

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girls like chocolate

I thought I’d do a very non-sporting posting tonight as it’s been heavily slanted towards all things footie of late. So has anybody seen the latest ad from Lynx deodorant? I know these are usually heavily sexist in a post-ironic sort of way: guy sprays on LD and women simply can’t resist him because he smells like David Beckham kinda stuff, but we all know it’s tongue in cheek. Well their latest is an absolute belter. This time a guy sprays on LD and he turns into chocolate man. He becomes more than attractive; women don’t just want him, they want to eat him, and they do. It’s almost the ultimate male fantasy but because he’s got this stupid I’m-a-chocolate-man-and-can’t believe-my-luck look on his face, it remains grounded especially when his waving arm gets ripped off. Men as snacks – nothing more.

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Fog on the Tyne

Well I wasn’t going to write anymore about the developing situation at Newcastle U but it just gets murkier doesn’t it? Last night they got thumped again by Arsenal. Even the cynical introduction of serial aggressor Joey Barton couldn’t inject any spark into his team’s performanace. On the upside he didn’t get arrested. At least they could unveil new appointee Dennis Wise whose title is Executive Director (Football). This morning’s reports quote Keegan as saying that Wise reports into him. Well I’m not sure Kev. They’re paying him something close to £1.5m pa by all accounts (my earlier estimate was way short of the mark) to work 2 or 3 days a week in London. How he must have struggled over the decision whether to stay at Leeds or take up that offer.

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the lottery; or is it?

Buying a lottery ticket has been an important part of our financial strategy this year; it’s also been the bit that hasn’t worked terribly successfully. We haven’t even got close to 3 numbers let alone 6. We don’t employ a lot of strategy about our number selection. Last week with the big rollover jackpot on offer, and for a change, C tried the birthdays routine and even got our beautiful grandson to draw numbers from a hat hoping that his innocence and sweet nature would melt the hearts of the Camelot Gods. Of course neither routine worked; would I be writing this blog with £18m in my pocket? Continue reading

underpants; it’s pants

Is it just me or has the media world got its knickers in a right old twist over men’s underpants recently? It’s impossible to move through the pages, flick across the channels or tune across the stations without coming upon (I could have phrased that better) men’s undies. I’ve got to blame David Beckham for the recent spurt (I’ll try and stop sounding like Julian Clary in a minute) in interest in the last taboo of the male wardrobe. He had to go and pose like an Italian stallion in his Armani underpants displaying his six pack and his sex pack. Can you think of any other bloke who’d go and do that other than an image-obsessed model….and Freddie Lundberg, which is more or less the same thing.

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not wild about wild at heart

Have you seen the programme Wild at Heart? It’s about an English vet, Danny, played by Stephen Tomkinson who sets up a practice-cum-game lodge kind of thing in South Africa with frustrated wife Sarah (played by horny Amanda Holden), permanently pain-in-the-arse sullen teenage daughter Rosie (no idea who plays her), other little kids, new arrival mother-in-law Caroline (Hayley Mills) and token stereotypical S African partner Du Plessis. There’s a bar-owning SA boyfriend to Rosie and boss of rival de luxe safari lodge next door. Oh and lots of animals as you’d expect plus great scenes of the wonderful African landscape. The plot is they’re struggling. That’s it and it’s a pile of mushy rhino dung.

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