iowa caucus

Looks like an anagram of i c u (U!) as a cow. Sorry that’s the best I can do but is it reflective of what the voters may have secretly thought about Hilary Clinton in the first round of voting for the Democratic nomination for the next President of the US? A bit harsh I know and sorry H if you ever (as if) get to read this. But the fact is Hilary’s personna is cold, cynical and calculating. This is the woman who put up with Bill’s many indiscretions and then recruited him as her prime selling point. It’s almost like he’s been there and done her but together we’ve Been there and Done the job. We know what’s what and how it works. We are Mr and Mrs RealCinikPolitik.

Well it didn’t work as Hilary trailed in 3rd with her key message of ‘experienced’ and slightly subservient ‘change’. Well it’s easy to be smart after the event but after 20 years of continuous Bush/Clinton leadership you might think the American electorate might want for something else other than another 8 potential years of Clinton dynastic overlordship. So there’s Obama Barack looking all new and charismatic and Afro-American. Policies? Who cares he’s like a Kennedy for a media savvy 21st century. And you can see the appeal, can’t you? Can Hilary make it back? Jeez she’s got the money but even John Edwards looks a more likely candidate right here, right now. I just think Hil’s missed her moment and Bill’s looking older by the day. No woman in the Oval office then ? – I don’t know, I hope she makes a fight of it and I’m sure she will.

What about the Republicans? Well from here it looks like this is where the real fun lays. Where to start? Mormon-faithed Romney looks washed up already. Giuliani didn’t bother turning up and the public might just feel the same about him. Ron Paul’s gone surely, Fred’s dead baby and it could be a run off between Viet vet McCain v Huckabee from schmuckabee in the play offs. Blimey. But as with the Democrats it’s all early days of course and anything can happen in the next half hour.

I have a secret fascination with the American Presidential election process having studied it for part of my International Politics degree and spent many months and then one whole night of political debate, analysis of voting actions and anticipation at university just to witness Richard f*cking Nixon getting re-elected in the early 70’s. Hey ho.

Is it just me but wouldn’t it be fun if Hilary were to be elected and she turned out to be a bigger Oval office oral expert than ole Bill? C’mon if PM John Major can have Edwina Currie on the big table then anything is possible.


2 thoughts on “iowa caucus

  1. That was a shocker, wasn’t it – John “Proud to be Grey” Major getting leg- over with one his own cabinet ministers? How he managed to keep it secret so long is anyone’s guess. I’m sure that Bill Clinton would like to know.

    As for Hillary, I thought that the US Constitution barred presidents from serving more than two terms!

  2. nice one mac.

    it could be worse political dynasty-wise; at least it isn’t Jeb Bush running.

    re john major: i think if i was boffing edwina i’d want to keep quiet about it too. it doesn’t say much for norma’s allure does it?


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