wham bam goodbye sam

Well we’ve been forecasting it for weeks and tonight Newcastle U have sacked Sam Allardyce. I take no pleasure seeing anyone lose his job but Sam’s appointment always looked a mis-match and he’s been dead man walking since the new guy took over ownership. I note they allowed Sam one poke at the transfer market to see how he fared and he made a bid for Wes Brown but Man U weren’t interested. Nor too was Wes by the look of it and I’m sure the owners must have thought that if Sam can’t attract a Man U squad player, what chance would they have attracting top players all the way up to Geordieland? None is the answer so they’ve withheld the money and got rid of Sam instead. It makes sense not to throw more money at a problem that wouldn’t go away – Allardyce couldn’t handle that particular job.

Mind you they’ll be using the transfer kitty to pay off all of Sam’s management staff; unbelievably he’s brought in more than 20 people and it might cost the club around £50m to dismiss them all. Surely there’s a lesson there too. I know things are changing but heaven forbid if it takes 20-30 people to manage about the same number and a load of kids.

So who’s next in the Newcastle hot seat? There’ll be a clamour for Shearer plus one and he might never get another opportunity as ready as this one but I seriuosly believe as I’ve said before that I don’t see any evidence that ghe’ll be any better – in fact he’s got zip experience compared with several illustrious recent managers who have all failed bar Robson. He will bring excitement and an appeal factor for big players but I’m convinced he’d be a medium term failure and then his reputation will be shot for good.

I don’t know who they’ll go for to be frank. Mourinho’s free but not cheap and I don’t see him wanting to live up there. He’s surely waiting in the sunshine for one of the big Spanish jobs to bcome available as one will soon enough. There are no other home town ex-footballers as big as Shearer to look at – they wouldn’t go for Bryan Robson would they? No Scottish managers worth taking a chance on and no obvious English candidates except maybe Mark Hughes. But has he got the personality to match the role? It’s trivial but I genuinely believe it matters up there. Paul Ince might be more sparky then Sparky but it’s a big step up. So it’ll probably be another foreign manager sadly.

Come on Chris Mort or Mike Ashley or whoever makes the big decisions, how about giving to someone young and hungry for a change like Paul Ince? He couldn’t do any worse then 5 of your last 6 managers and you might just unearth a gritty little diamond which I suspect is what you actually need up there. But what do I know?


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