spurs fail to win against arsenal shock

Did you catch the Carling Cup semi between north London’s finest last night? It was quite a match and yet again Spurs probably deserved the victory but just couldn’t enforce it. You’ve got to go back to November 1999 apparently (that’s back to the RWC when it was over here) for the last time Spurs beat the Arsenal. I thought they might just do it last night but those Arsenal kids are nothing if not resilient. The 1-1 result sets things up for a thrilling return match down the lane don’tcha think?

That said there were some interesting features from last night’s game:

– Berbatov. He played some of the most sublime passes and through balls I’ve seen from anybody in a long time. What vision and touch he has. And yet when possession’s lost he looks like he simply can’t be bothered to help out and run back. And he never smiles or seems to enjoy himself. I’d love him to play fro Man U but he’d have to drop that sullen Henry-esque attitude of his. What a sulk monster he is:

– Defoe. I know he’s just been told he can leave Spurs but there’s no need to take it out on your hairstyle son.

What is that haircut all about? Is it a bridge on his head – a cunning message for Chelsea to come and get him? Or did his barber have a bet with someone….? No wonder he missed that sitter.

– Senderos. He’s just rubbish and I’ve no idea what he’s doing playing for Arsenal let alone captaining the side rather than Gilberto Silvo. And he’s Swiss. He must have something on Wenger.

– Walcott. That was one flukey goal and to celebrate like he meant it was very cheeky.

– Robinson. He’s out surely?

– Jenas. Speaking of hair, it looks like Jermaine’s been fertilising his barnet and going for the close-season Rio look.

– Wenger. Has a nose as red as Schmeichel’s when it’s cold. Very funny.

– Ramos. Just looks permanently freezing. It’ll never last.

Interesting stuff.



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