anelka to chelsea

Incredibly perhaps Nicolas Anelka in moving to Chelsea has racked up transfer fees amounting to £85m. That makes him the most expensive player ever, overtaking Juan Seba Veron who cost a total of £76.2m (including £28m of Man U’s money although they did well to offload him to Russia Fc for £14m during their proligate phase). Incredible might be a little strong but it is bloody surprising because he hasn’t earned the nickname ‘le Sulk’ from being a loyal and committed team man and one of the most well-liked  guys on the  international scene:

Often miserable and inconsistent and occasionally disruptive he has never achieved heroic status at any of his clubs, usually leaving after falling out with the exasperated manager. Strangely the exception might just have been at Bolton, probably the most unfashionable club he has played for. Maybe that’s the clue – he was by a country mile the most outstanding talent at the club and because of his unrivalled position, he delivered for them and for a while seemed content. But he clearly couldn’t resist the temptation to play for one of Europe’s leading clubs and in the Champions league again of course.

At £15m and still only 28, he looks a bloody good buy given that the other highly-fancied CL non-committed striker in the Premiership, Berbatov, is being touted at £30m. He’ll be happy at Chelsea until Drogba returns of course from the Africa Nations Cup. But you’ve got to believe he hasn’t gone there just to sit on the bench at that point. A summer transfer for Drogba, probably to team up with Mourinho wherever he tips up in the next spin of the managerial merry-go- round, looks likely to me. But there are also some ego’s and talents as large as Anelka’s down at the Bridgski and it remains to be seen whether le Sulk has truly found his spiritual home and left his bottom lip in the locker room for good. ….watch this space.


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