Ashley makes decision on Newcastle Utd manager

Tonight an inside source at St James’ Park has confirmed that owner Mike Ashley has come to a major decision about the managership of his beloved club Newcastle Utd, following today’s 6-0 thrashing by Manchester Utd – not to give the job to Nigel Pearson!

A fan’s representative said they were 99% behind the owner’s decision although he admitted there was still a core of fans who felt that Ashley should give Pearson more time…..

You’ve gotta feel for the NU fans tonight – it’s a frigging train crash happening in slow motion up there.



6 thoughts on “Ashley makes decision on Newcastle Utd manager

  1. Hey Paulie,

    I think that Nigel Pearson is getting the business end of the stick on this one. Newcastle looked decent in the first half. Owen should have gotten the goal awarded in the first half, but then Giggs should have gotten the penalty.

    The second half the Geordies looked like twelve different types of crap. Once Cristiano “The Flopper” made that beautiful freekick and Tevez swept in the Giggs cross the flood gates opened. Pearson couldn’t have stopped that, especially after the week that they’ve had Tyneside.

    They all need to take a deep breath and think about the long term. This season is over for them. They need to get in someone who’ll start tooling up for next season. And everyone needs to give the new guy space to do that. Just a thought.

  2. yep can’t disagree with any of that mark.

    i can foresee them slipping into the relegation mire if they aren’t careful given their upcoming fixtures and the fact that confidence is seeping away before the fans eyes. pearson’s got a serious job to do to arrest that and i’m not sure his attitude is positive enough to be honest. he looks beaten as well.

    anyway i’m a man u fan so it was easy to take some pleasure from the match yesterday but i’ve good friends who are New u fans and it must be tough for them right now. they are ain genuine danger of imploding i reckon.

    by the way i’ve mastered the photo uploading technique i think – many thanks mark.

  3. You’re probably right about Pearson. He ran into a chainsaw yesterday and their schedule isn’t going to be getting any easier. I’m a Man U fan too so I quite enjoyed the match.

    I saw you got the picture thing working. Any time.

  4. Noooooooooo!

    Keegan…. Keegan – A few days ago Talksport on the Wright & Durham drive time rand a feature inviting you to phone in with your WHAT! moment… I had the Micky Thomas goal at Liverpool as my football moment, but it’s just been eclipsed.

    Newcastle have got what they deserves for getting rid of good managers without giving them a chance. They now have a proven bottler chosen by a parochial fool, recipe for disaster.

    Good riddance to them, and the prat that is Shearer – big club my a*se!


  5. just amazing eh. he had the chance to appoint somebody to take them forward and he’s gone back to the future with little kev. i can’t wait to see how long the honeymoon lasts.

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