blackwell leaves the black hole

It was sad to read that Kevin Blackwell has resigned as manager at Luton, the club that is in serious danger of disappearing into the ether. There has been mal-administration there for years and they are currently in the hands of the administrators with their key players being flogged off at an alarming rate. You can’t blame the players – they haven’t been paid in months except when Blackwell has put his hand in his own pocket for them. There might not even be a first team to take on Liverpool in the FA Cup replay after their truly gutsy performance last week.

But you know what staggers me about Blackwell’s resignation? It’s not that the descent into administration has happened to him previously with Leeds, it’s that he was joined in resignation by his assistant Sam Ellis and head coach John Carver. Why do football clubs teetering on bankruptcy feel the need to employ 3 people to manage the first team and at what overall cost? I was staggered to hear that the pay-off costs for Sam Allardyce and the management team of something like 20-30 people he’d brought into the club, was anything up to £50m.

As I said on an earlier posting how on earth does it take that number of people to manage a similar number of men and a bunch of kids. What on earth does the assistant manager do that the manager and the head coach cannot do? Come to that, why cannot a decent manager handle coaching as part of his brief? If the manager isn’t handling training and liaison with the players, what does he do – just pick the team and rant on the touchlines? It’s not as if he’s duty-bound to handle TV interviews – Sir Alex, big Sam (and ‘arry Redknapp?) have stopped doing that with the BBC long ago. Well as long ago as they passed comment on their financial impartiality. And, unsurprisingly, few Chairmen trust managers to buy players these days.

Anyway the point is that most managers are paid a bloody good wedge to do their job and seemingly none of them can handle the role without surrounding themselves with a cluster of assistants (or in Sam’s case a battalion) even at places as broke as Luton.

Is it just me….?



3 thoughts on “blackwell leaves the black hole

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  2. Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment on my own post on this subject, and good on you for posting about it yourself. I’m not a Luton fan, but I just wish a serious story like their’s would get the coverage it deserves. The ex-board at Luton should be exposed for their outrageous incompetence.

  3. totally agree jamie. i hear they even went and sacked blackwell yesterday. they should write a book on how to run a football club…into the ground.

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