benitez and the jettison

They say Rafa Benitez has been feeling insecure about his position at Anfield for some time, and that has caused the occasional public spats with the American owners and the sometimes lacklustre team performances. Well I wonder how he feels today to learn of the admission from Tom Hicks that he and fellow owner George Gilllette had a ‘secret’ meeting with Jurgen Klinsmann back in November? Hicks says that Liverpool were struggling at the time and the personal relationship with Benitez was rocky so it was an insurance policy in case the relationship deteriorated further and Benitez decided to leave. Oh yeh?

By all accounts they were also interested in the European football scene too as relative newcomers to this soccerball game. Of course they could have asked their own manager perhaps who hails from somewhere not far from Europeland and who has enjoyed rather a lot of success in pursuit of its major trophies (and certainly a few more than the Klinsmeister, who has actually managed a total of 0 clubs in Europovia so far). All very odd for the information to be released now don’t you think? Of course as far as Klinsmann is concerned it’s all water under the bridge as he has decided to join Bayern Munich as manager next season. But I wonder how Rafa feels about his long term position now?

About as secure as Joey Barton’s long term prospects at Newcastle Utd I reckon. Surely a team in 4th place in the Prem and still in the Champs League cannot lose their manager as well now could they? What next, Sir Alex under pressure for failing to deliver fewer than 3 trophies a year on a consistent basis….if it was Freddy Shepherd in charge I mean just believe it.

I hear that the Americans might be interested in selling out to the Dubai consortium who were close to buying the club before Hicks/Gillette opened their cheque books. I can see a close run thing in the Leaving of Liverpool maiden stakes between the absentee owners and a disenchanted Rafa. I bet I know who the fans would like to see win the race, and it won’t be el Benny.



5 thoughts on “benitez and the jettison

  1. 2,000 fans marched in support of Benitez recently, carrying an image of him, and sing his name more loudly than most of the players at every game. I think they know who is important and who is playing with our club. Undermining your manager is not the Liverpool way, you big, brash lumbering Hicks. Sell us to the Dubai consortium now.

  2. I don’t really quite understand this ongoing spat between the two owners and Rafa since I have not been keeping track of the story. To me, I don’t think he has been doing such a bad job in managing the club, except for the fact that the team has not been winning a lot lately. Besides, if the owners wanted to replace him with somebody else, how come they just let him sign the new defender last week?

    Sometimes I just don’t get the English football.

  3. sadly i think Benitez will come out of this looking better than he should. The blame is pretty much 50/50 I think. He has chronically underachieved, other than the luckiest CL win ever, and showed his new bosses his version of the ‘Liverpool Way’ by going public quite some time ago.

    It’s tiresome listening to the tripe from the scousers who are fast becoming surrogate geordies with their special insight, humour and view on the ‘Liverpool Way’. Last time I checked that meant going to the CL final without a ticket and stealing seats from your own fans whilst noislily clearing your throat…tho’ I’m sure they view that as typical scouse fun and a good crack to boot.

    Whoever owns the club I hope they keep Benitez as that will ensure Liverpool carry on achieving little other than the 5 stars they’re ohso proud of on their shirts…just like my mate in MacDonalds!

  4. nice line m.

    i wonder who’ll be out the door first. as long as the americans are there, benitez knows he’s as welcome as Jol at Tottenham. so it’s untenable. but the americans won’t stay if they can’t re-finance their loans and who’s lending big money in the US banking world at the moment?

    could liverpool become the first club to end up with no owners and no manager (as well as no chance of winning the Premiership)? football eh; bloody hell.

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