Keegan: Special K or K Mart?

Oh deep joy. The K’s back and all is well in Geordie land. I couldn’t believe the news last night; Newc U have only gone and appointed the bottler. If ever a club owner made an appointment just to appease the fans and make himself look great, then this was it. In spades with a cherry on top. The place’ll be packed, KK will blow £100m before the end of January and in 11 months time little kev will run off back to his soccer circus or whatever it is citing unacceptable pressures and the need to spend more time with the family. But let’s not be churlish, the Premiership just got to be fun again. I’d love it, love it if KK yet again led them to the Promised land only to be thwarted by the miserable scottish bastard at the door. Let the Games begin.



One thought on “Keegan: Special K or K Mart?

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