graham poll: taxing

Is it just me or has Graham Poll become an even bigger prick now that he’s given up refereeing? He’s been signed up by the BBC (it could only be them) I imagine to present a different point of view on the subject of football. To be honest I applaud that thinking. Any football chat format which involves just footballers and/or ex-footballers and opinionated presenters drives me to distraction. I long for an alternative voice in there – you know the voice of the (articulate) fan (I guess that’s what made Soccer AM so enjoyable) or the administrator maybe or the unbiased pressman (as on Sunday Supplement). So I can see that the voice of officialdom could be an interesting angle. Good idea but wrong frigging ex-official.

Poll, the Thing from Tring, features regularly on Eamon Holmes’ excellent Saturday morning programme on Radio 5 Live. I was listening in yesterday and Eamon was keen to get his views on some issue or other – actually it was on the frequency of red cards being issued this season – but all Poll wanted to talk about was the wonderfully uplifting impact that Keegan will have on the football scene. Eh? Who gives two f*cks what Poll thinks about that? Rightly EH pinned him down to answer the question upon which he could bring relevant insight. But he couldn’t stop himself and before long he was pontificating about all manner of things. We even learned he’d once searched through 3 of Watford’s finest car parks searching for his wife’s parked car so that he could surprise her by scribbling I Love You in lipstick or something on the window. It was Valentine’s day. What a romantic and total prick. I never liked him as a ref – he was always making the big gesture – and, as KK may say, I loved it, loved it when he f*cked up with the 3 yellow cards in the World Cup. But now I realise he’s just a big f*cking jessie. With dull opinions.


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  2. Yes! Yes! and thrice Yes! Poll is an egomaniac who needs bringing down witn severe force. We have to suffer more of him now he’s retired than we did when he was ballsing up refereeing decisions week-in-week-out.

    Did you see his interview on the BBC’s Inside Sport programme just after he retired? It was like ‘At home with the Poll Family’, in which he sat there reflecting on the hurt caused to him by abuse he received during his reffing career. Like who gives a flying f*ck? You shouldn’t have made so many glaring errors you tw*t!

    I would like to refer you to this post from my 2006 world cup blog, which you might enjoy.

  3. hi jamie

    ah a fellow g.poll sufferer. i thought it really was just me being overly-critical. he’s spoiled many a good game and the Australia match was probably the ultimate. great posting jamie – i’d forgotten just how bad he was in that match and even then the match was a cracker.

    was the title refering to England’s failure to qulaify for the last WC finals to be held in germany in 1974?

    poll must have refereed one of our qualifiers!


  4. Hi again

    The title of that post was actually referring to the 1974 World Cup Final, which was the last to be refereed by an Englishman – Jack Taylor (technically the last Englishman to appear in a world cup final). The inference being that this was most unlikely to change if Poll was the best we had to offer.

    The ending to the Australia v Croatia match will live long in the memory, just total chaos. I suppose you couldn’t fault him for entertainment value on that occasion šŸ™‚

  5. good question jamie,

    and the last time it’ll happen again for eons no doubt, like the team? let’s not get too down. fabio’s the man so let’s see eh


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