the third coming of kevin

Well as titles go that might draw in the porno crowd. Sorry to get back to football again but I’m still knocked out by the re-appointment of Kevin Keegan at Newcastle. It’s just so like Newcastle to go and do something like that. Well yesterday was their first match under KK since his return; at home to gritty Bolton, and it was awful. I wouldn’t say the honeymoon’s over but it wasn’t much of a first night was it?

Three things did make me smile though watching the game on MoTD. Firstly Alan Shearer’s analysis that the game wasn’t very good because Bolton had come to spoil the party. Apparently their team went and defended whenever Newcastle attacked. Such cynical tactics. Then he manfully tried to deny that he’ll be giving up the insightful tactical analysis on MoTD by taking up an important role under KK at Newcastle later this week. Head of Strategic Thinking no doubt. Thirdly have you noticed that KK likes to wear those big club anoraks emblazoned in Adidas logos. Not just that but he always zips the thing up right to the top and buries his chin in it, like a kid who’s put on his dad’s work jacket to keep warm. And the more tense KK get, the higher the zip and the deeper the chin is buried. In the picture below he’s just a little agitated. You’ll have to wait until Liverpool knock in a 4th goal for the full treatment.



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