spurs: an up and down kind of week

So Spurs came up against a truly mighty reds side and lost a decent game 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round. I’m interested to know how Spurs fans feel at the end of a momentous week. The win against Arsenal was long overdue and thrilling, even for a northern footie fan. But today….?

It was a very good Cup match but not a classic. Man U looked a bit listless to me early on, and let’s face it a promotional jaunt to Saudi Arabia mid week cannot have been the best preparation. If they’d lost today would the £1m Saudi money have been worth it? Not as far as the fans are concerned I’m sure. But Tottenham came with a decent game plan – they do look sharper and better prepared tactically under Ramos – and they took the game to Utd and a deserved lead after 24 minutes from a Keane tap-in.

But gradually Man U turned up the heat and Spurs seemed to wilt to me. They were still in it all the way through to the 3rd Utd goal, even down to 10 men, but as the game wore on they became easier to torment. And Ronnie did his usual brace. They are lacking King at the back and it was no surprise to hear that they’d virtually signed Woodgate today. Kaboul must be out and Chimbonda too so some full backs might be needed although O’Hare did pretty well against Ronaldo. A goalie must be a priority as well. But there was some bite lacking in midfield I thought – maybe it’s King again. A cheeky bid for Carrick might be interesting and he’d certainly tidy things up there.

Anyway after Man City’s sad loss today that’s just 6 Premiership sides left now in the Cup, including the big 4, who are monopolising this trophy now. I argued in an earlier posting that the FA need to make it far more attractive for other sides to win it. Now that the FA have missed the opportunity to push EUFA to gift the winners a Champs League slot, I’m convinced they need to make the prize fund special – like £50m. That will focus the minds of teams I’m sure and it’s not like the FA can’t afford it.

Finally, the fun at Newcastle Utd never stops does it. I’m convinced they could be in the relegation mire by the end of February. I keep reading that KK’s in for virtually everybody but the transfer window’s closing and nobody’s sorted yet. Even Woodgate turned them down yesterday and that was after Shearer rejected the job of No 2 at St James’. That honeymoon period might be over fairly soon. A Newcastle fan on 6.06 tonight was already talking about getting KK out and Shearer in. There’s no hope for them is there?

Football eh? Bloody hell.



5 thoughts on “spurs: an up and down kind of week

  1. Before Anyone can accuse me (again) of only posting when we have a good result, I have to say that I agree with PP’s overall assessment of the game. However, I think we deserve some credit through (most of the game) stifling the mancs play with a lot of hard work.

    For us it just made it clear that we are not yet the finished article by a long chalk, but we have plenty of grounds for optimism. Ramos has certainly injected some backbone and fight into the team and even at 3 down with ten men we kept running and trying. Thats new.

    The back four today was incredibly makeshift, and that continues to be a worry, even though they played quite well for the most part, they weren’t top class.

    Chimbonda was suspended, King is still wrapped in cotton wool (and Ramos is ruthless enough not to risk him on what he probably regarded as something of a lost cause anyway) Gardener, Rocha, Assou Ekotto all injured…Stalteri is shit.

    Also, for me, Jenas had a poor game and ran out of steam very quickly and Malbranque although tackling back well never really got his attacking game going, when he does he can be a handful.

    Berba got pushed off the ball too easily, sometimes he is like that, other times the ball sticks to him like shit to the proverbial…what is the phrase they use…mercurial.

    But we didn’t have much luck either….two or three chances could have gone in and Jenas missed a sitter. And all your goals were cock ups from us.

    The sending off..tough but fair. No arguments.

    So, we’re good enough to beat Arsenal’s second string but a way from really competing with the likes of Man U. Although I do fancy us against Chelsea.

    Russ…there’s a crisp twenty coming your way. You should have more faith my boy.

    Oh and btw…I thought Aaron’s yellow boots went perfectly with the away strip. But maybe thats me getting too in touch with my feminine side.

  2. thks col. agree with all that.

    the thing i like about spurs fans is that they are generally pragmatic and realistic in their views about the team. most other fans can see no faults at all with their side until they’ve lost 3 on the spin then it’s everyone’s fault, the manager should be sacked and the chairman’s a leper.

    lennon’s boots were ok with that strip col. i wouldn’t wear them myself but little aaron probably wouldn’t sport my hairstyle.

    ciao c

  3. so col

    it’s woodgate and two new full backs in as we predicted. still think a bid for carrick would be sensible before blowing £10m on Downing in the summer. and what’s the name of that fantastic spanish goalie – canizares? i’d take a chance on a free transfer.

    but solid buying from ramos. he knows what he needs

  4. I feel Woodgate will be no match for the mighty Ronaldo. Did you see the goal last night?!

    Col – what odds will you give me for Saturday at Sh*te Hart Lane?


  5. I agree that Ramos seems to have his priorities right at least. The Everton game was a strange one, nothing to tell from it. So it will be interesting to see how things have changed…if it all…when we have our rematch this week.

    Unfortunately I will miss the game…but still hope we give you a good run for your money.

    Russ…you really need to work on your understanding of odds mate…if anything I should get longer odds than before with you having beaten us 3 -1 only three days ago.

    But if you’re happy to offer 5 – 1 again (nixes for a draw) I’ll venture another shiney new 20 to join the other which will be nestling in your pocket. Are you up for that?

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