a wise appointment for newcastle utd?

It’s hard to keep the Magpie’s out of the news now isn’t it. So little Kev makes his first signing today, Little Dennis Wise as Director of Football, or does he?

Rumours suggest this was more of a Chairman Mort appointment. So what do you read of that? That the Chairman wants someone to handle transfers instead of KK? If so, do you think that’s what it said on the tin when KK came back? It’s all very intriguing isn’t it? By all accounts Wise (and was ever a man so wrongly named?) really respects KK for selecting him consistently, during his ill-fated reign as England manager. Well that’s all right then, although KK was less than fulsome about Dennis’ appointment at today’s press conference. Is Dennis the Menace the right stuff in a figure-head role at St James’? You’ve got to think that his aggressive nature wasn’t what they were buying into, or was it? By all accounts Joey Barton was today named in the squad for the upcoming Arsenal match. Well never mind the assault charges eh! Perhaps we’re seeing a new Newcastle emerging – the aggressive little bastards of the Premier league. How long before Bellamy and Bowyer are back in toon?


5 thoughts on “a wise appointment for newcastle utd?

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  2. The NUFC panto continues! What a perfect match. Ineptitude, nastiness, stupidity and failure combined the with unrealistic expectations of a little club trying to be big, supported by the delusional Toon Army. Brilliant. Please let them bring in Mark Lawrenson as defensive coach (he was great last time) and Alan Green as PR manager with Hansen as sycophant and we’ve got an awesome team till May.

  3. why aye m, it’s turning into a proper barcode circus.

    some nice appointment selections there m. here’s a thought – if KK already has a nigel pearson as pro tem assistant mgr and archie cox as ‘personal’ assistant and terry mcdermott as head coach and now DW as director of football, then what frigging role would they give shearer? here’s another – how much are they all earning? presumably wise has moved for more money and he must have been on what, £250k pa at leeds? so he must be on £400-500k now? Shearer wouldn’t join them for less than his media contract would he – so that would be £1m+ pa to be one of the advisors?

    does anybody else not wonder how all this is justified to fans who just want to be able to afford to watch their team play with some passion and commitment.

  4. As I watched Newcastle fly at Arsenal on Saturday with two genuine wide men steaming forward leaving Nicky Butt to handle whatever Fabregas and freinds could throw at them I thought “Great everyones 2nd favourite team are back”. Keegan had changed the feel from Big Sam’s time in two games! Then today this appointment of the littlest biggest scumbag ever to disgrace the Premiership. Newcastle 1 step forward 5 steps back, very unwise!

  5. yep dr. good endline!

    looks like another fog’s descending on the tyne. what are they doing up there? i reckon they’ll be everyone’s favourite side again because they’ll take your mind off the unwelcome things at your club. liverpool v newc u for melt down team of the season? could be close

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