the FA Cup; the hard way

Well if Man U are to win the Cup this year they’ll have earned it the hard way having been drawn against Villa, then Spurs and now the Gooners in the 5th round. If they get through it’ll clearly be Chelsea away in the QFs, then Liverpool in the semis. At least it’ll only be Boro in the Final though their regular dumping on Man U must be coming more than a little tedious to Sir Alex.

Back to the 5th round. 3 all Championship match-ups are probably not what the Cup needed, nor the teams themselves. Frankly any of those 6 sides could go through. Sheff Utd v Boro will provide….

…..a smorgasbord of Bryan Robson tit bits in the media before the Blades get rollmopped over. Portsouth get a tricky away match at PNE but should come through. Liverpool, a little undeservedly I reckon, get a plum home tie against Barnsley and should scrape home though they’ll probably concede at least 4 goals this time and flukey Chelski draw another top Yorkshire side in Huddersfield Town. That’ll be hard.

So not a round for the Cup romantics I fear. I’d like Man U to do well of course, especially against the kids from the Holloway Rd, but the thought of another dreary stalemate at Wembley with Russia FC isn’t exactly going to light anybody’s fire is it. Definitely time for a re-think about the Cup and how to bring the magic back. The £50m prize fund remains my suggestion and it’s time we got a bandwagon rolling before the football world’s greatest club knock-out competition becomes the most predictable and dullest. Will we never see another final to match up to these in the history of the game?

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2 thoughts on “the FA Cup; the hard way

  1. Every Huddersfield Town fan should travel to London to see them take on Chelsea again – Chelsea nicked it 2-1 in January 2008 but this time the Terriers can do it.

    MATCHhotels have a good write-up on travel to the game by bus, train and car and a guide to cheap
    Chelsea hotels

  2. hi ben
    i hope you do it to the russians mate. they are jamming their way to 1-0 wins just like under mourinho and their luck’s gotta run out some time. that must also be the internet’s smallest reference section – the guide to cheap chelsea hotels. good luck again ben!

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