the lottery; or is it?

Buying a lottery ticket has been an important part of our financial strategy this year; it’s also been the bit that hasn’t worked terribly successfully. We haven’t even got close to 3 numbers let alone 6. We don’t employ a lot of strategy about our number selection. Last week with the big rollover jackpot on offer, and for a change, C tried the birthdays routine and even got our beautiful grandson to draw numbers from a hat hoping that his innocence and sweet nature would melt the hearts of the Camelot Gods. Of course neither routine worked; would I be writing this blog with £18m in my pocket?

No. Just fyi we usually buy a single ticket with the random (Lucky Dip?) facility. Now I’m not going to suggest that there’s some kind of fiddle going on because you’ll just accuse me of being paranoid, sad or bitter (or maybe all three). But virtually everytime I do this I seem to get a set of numbers with 3 or 4 being in the same 10 digit range ie the 20’s, 30’s etc. For example today’s ‘random’ ticket has 4 numbers in the 40’s. It’s like this all the time and with every place I buy the ticket from in Buckingham. Now I know any number has an equal chance of coming up. But how frequently do 4 numbers from the same 10 digit range feature in winning tickets? I’ve tried to look it up but can’t find a site with that sort of information. But I suspect the answer is very, very infrequently. It’s like, when was the last time a sequence such as 1,2,3,4,5,6 came up? Don’t blog and tell me the odds are far longer in that particular case, I know they are, but you get my drift. And the answer’s never so far!

Now here’s the point – and I seem to be taking an age to make it – do you suppose the so-called random selection is somehow programmed by Camelot to pre-select the sort of number combinations that people selecting numbers don’t typically make? Is it a complete chance that I tend to get ‘clusters’ in a 10 range? What do you think? Is that Camelot computer programmed to analyse numbers already chosen and to disregard popular selections just to prevent too many multiple winners? After all more isolated big winners means more instant millionaires and more publicity. It’s got me thinking – is it just me or has anyone got any similar experiences? And does anybody know of a site which goes into all the unusualness of winning lines? You know me and my fondness for quirky number sequencing!

I know what you’re thinking; I am sad. But if 4 numbers come up tonight in the 40’s in the lottery, you’ll be checking at this site eagerly tomorrow I bet. As if….


ps well I’m back so you can rightly assume that those 4 numbers in the 40’s didn’t come up – although two did. Harumph. But here’s a strange thing; I bought a paper this morning and another blessed ticket for Saturday’s lottery via lucky dip and two of the six numbers were the same as yesterday’s and in the 40’s again. isn’t that just a little weird…is it just me? i’m sure something’s not right with this so-called random computer selection…..

pps have just gone and bought this week’s wed ticket from the paper shop and yup, two numbers again in the 40’s and a cluster of 3 in the 1-10 range. I’m genuinely being honest. It’s a conspiracy and the world needs to about it!

paranoid paulie

pps another cluster in the 40s this week too. and another waste of a quid, quelle surprise.

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