a wise appointment for newcastle utd?

It’s hard to keep the Magpie’s out of the news now isn’t it. So little Kev makes his first signing today, Little Dennis Wise as Director of Football, or does he?

Rumours suggest this was more of a Chairman Mort appointment. So what do you read of that? That the Chairman wants someone to handle transfers instead of KK? If so, do you think that’s what it said on the tin when KK came back? It’s all very intriguing isn’t it? By all accounts Wise (and was ever a man so wrongly named?) really respects KK for selecting him consistently, during his ill-fated reign as England manager. Well that’s all right then, although KK was less than fulsome about Dennis’ appointment at today’s press conference. Is Dennis the Menace the right stuff in a figure-head role at St James’? You’ve got to think that his aggressive nature wasn’t what they were buying into, or was it? By all accounts Joey Barton was today named in the squad for the upcoming Arsenal match. Well never mind the assault charges eh! Perhaps we’re seeing a new Newcastle emerging – the aggressive little bastards of the Premier league. How long before Bellamy and Bowyer are back in toon?

the FA Cup; the hard way

Well if Man U are to win the Cup this year they’ll have earned it the hard way having been drawn against Villa, then Spurs and now the Gooners in the 5th round. If they get through it’ll clearly be Chelsea away in the QFs, then Liverpool in the semis. At least it’ll only be Boro in the Final though their regular dumping on Man U must be coming more than a little tedious to Sir Alex. Continue reading

spurs: an up and down kind of week

So Spurs came up against a truly mighty reds side and lost a decent game 3-1 in the FA Cup 4th round. I’m interested to know how Spurs fans feel at the end of a momentous week. The win against Arsenal was long overdue and thrilling, even for a northern footie fan. But today….?

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spurs v arsenal: the movie

Word reaches me that the British Film Foundation and Miramax are willing to back the production of the movie ‘5-1!’ celebrating Spurs’ incredible win over Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi-final. Announcing the film, emotional director Sir Dickie Attenborough, said that ‘Although he was a lifelong Chelsea fan, he was moved to tears by the joy of watching a great football match with six cracking goals, and a crowd absolutely enthralled by the spectacle. It’s a long time since anything like that happened down the Bridge’ he sighed. But he perked up when announcing the cast list for what is sure to be the summer blockbuster, when English soccer fans will be pining for some football action. Continue reading

arsenal lose to spurs; lessons learned?

A strange occurrence in the football world last night as Spurs beat their N London rivals for the first time since 1999, when most of the Arsenal side from last night were wearing shorts… to school. Actually it wasn’t just a win it was a 5-1 thrashing. For all Spurs fans it must have been a sweet, sweet moment and for my good friends Shay and Colin, who have had to endure many jibes from me as long-suffering fans of the under-achieving THFC, it must have been v special. Their gracious decision not to send through any ‘who’s smirking now fat boy manurite?’ messages is humbling…and inexplicable. After all it could easily be 9 years before it happens again! Sorry guys, easy joke.

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incomprehensible lyrics

I was listening to Chris Evans’ Radio 2 drivetime programme whilst heading back from Brighton yesterday. The thing was that the BBC computer which hosts and lines up their play list had failed so Chris made do with the tracks from the only thing at his disposal; a compilation album of hits from the 70s. It was actually an amusing show even though the music was pretty dire. There was one decent track – Radar Love from Golden Earring, which always had some great lines – ‘I’ve been driving all night my hands wet on the wheel…and it’s half past four and I’m shifting gear etc. There was the cheesey intro to Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz which I’d forgotten and now can’t get out of my head – ‘Ready Steve? Uh huh. Andy? Yeah. Mick? Okay. Alright fellas, let’s go…’. Let’s gag more like. Continue reading

graham poll: taxing

Is it just me or has Graham Poll become an even bigger prick now that he’s given up refereeing? He’s been signed up by the BBC (it could only be them) I imagine to present a different point of view on the subject of football. To be honest I applaud that thinking. Any football chat format which involves just footballers and/or ex-footballers and opinionated presenters drives me to distraction. I long for an alternative voice in there – you know the voice of the (articulate) fan (I guess that’s what made Soccer AM so enjoyable) or the administrator maybe or the unbiased pressman (as on Sunday Supplement). So I can see that the voice of officialdom could be an interesting angle. Good idea but wrong frigging ex-official.

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madeleine mccann

I’ve not written a word on the subject of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance before now, because it’s such a tragic affair and every parent’s nightmare. I honestly believe the last thing the family needs is someone uninformed like me pontificating about what may or may not have happened. But as I picked up the papers this morning I couldn’t help but notice the front page of the News Of the World carrying an artist’s impression of the face of the man they reckon could be Maddie’s kidnapper. Now something worries me about this. It’s what, nearly 250 days since she disappeared and only now do we have the first image of a potential suspect – who was viewed at the scene apparently by a number of witnesses. According to the paper, a ‘family source’ claimed it to be a significant breakthrough for the case. Why has it taken this long for the image to come out? How significant is it really? What is the police view of its significance? Is this helping or hindering the search for Madeleine’s abductor? Who knows? I do understand the family’s view that keeping the story in the public eye represents the best chance of finding out what happened to their daughter. Perhaps. And I’m assuming the NotW wouldn’t have published this without some reference to the family first. If this is a genuine line of enquiry why doesn’t someone at the centre of this case come out and state that clearly, permitting the police to get on with pursuing it with as much determination as they can? Wouldn’t it be a blessing if this really did turn out to be a breakthrough piece of evidence resulting in Maddie’s discovery? But something inside me believes it would surely have come out sooner if it was truly significant. After the recent news on the film idea, I’m just beginning to think that any story, no matter how tangental or relevant or helpful, is being viewed as better than no story. I can believe that some within the press especially may think like that but I really do hope that those most closely involved haven’t come to the same conclusion. Is it just me becoming unsettled by all this?