perfume ads; very odd

I wrote a little while ago about that rather strange and overblown ad for Chanel featuring Nicole Kidman. But at least I could spot of hint of a story line in it. Last night I watched another perfume ad which was just bizarre. It’s for a perfume called Gucci from…Gucci. Oh how they must have toiled over the brand name…. we need something that embodies the values and attributes of the parent brand; let’s see… how about ‘Expensive’? Nah too chavvy, ‘Extravagant’? too pompous; wait, wait how about …Gucci from Gucci? Brilliant!

It’s directed by David Lynch, he of Mulholland Drive film fame, and I think these perfume companies just hire difficult Hollywood directors, throw a pile of money at them and invite them to recreate arty scenes from their unloved films. This ad is just inexplicable. It seems to feature several models (including the latest Brazillian sizzler apparently) morphing into each other, wearing 70’s style brown cocktail dresses (there’s a sepia kind of look to it all) swaying in time, badly, to Blondie’s Heart of Glass.

There are some moody shots of the art-deco lights (don’t ask, but it’s obviously highly significant) and the ad culminates in the model holding to her bosom the largest bottle of perfume the world has ever seen. It’s the perfume bottle equivalent of a super jeroboam. She couldn’t use that amount of perfume if she bathed in every day until she was 148 years of age. It’s all very odd and I’ve no idea at all what it’s supposed to signify or say about the brand. Perhaps I’m too dull to grasp the deeper message. Maybe, but sorry Gucci it still only gets 2 out of 10 from me. Enjoy:

Is it just me?


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