ian poulter ties with tiger?

Er.. not quite. After all that pre-Dubai Desert Classic stuff about him becoming a rival (indeed the only one!) to Tiger, what happened?

Well Tiger won the event and a really awful Aladdin’s lamp of a trophy, hauntingly overtaking ‘the big easy’ Ernie Els at the final 18th. That was his 7th victory in 8 starts this season. The guy’s just phenomenal and proves it week in week out. So where did our Ian come? I make it joint 39th. Way to go E! Here’s the deal: Tiger has a points lead over the world’s no2 Phil Mickelson as big as Mickelson has over the guy ranked 1000th in the world. He is that far ahead of everybody in the world, including IP – in fact, a bit further of course.

Now I don’t know IP at all. By all accounts he is (was?) one of the most-liked guys on the tour and he is talented. But he has a penchant for the eye-catching headline and this time his desperate desire for publicity has caught him out badly. He must now be a pariah on the tour with most of the blokes. Even Tiger when told of the disparity between himself and the second place guy, Mickelson, joked ‘Hey I thought Ian Poulter was No 2 in the world!’ Ouch…. I have to say I feel really sorry for him now. How to become a complete tw*t in just 20 words might make a best-selling book Ian but I’m sure he regrets saying it all now. Just go and win a major son (in boring golf clothes) to prove us all wrong because I think I might lose my hair waiting for Monty to deliver it for us.

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