lost weekend

How do you get by without online access these days. It’s purgatory isn’t it? We’ve been having a few niggles on our broadband connection for a while (service just disappearing for a few minutes several times a day) so I called Zen our SP and BT, line provider. BT first, the company I worked for for more than 30 years and who installed all my internal wiring/extensions/bb connections etc as part of my package. First off it took for ever to actually speak to someone and when eventually I did, they told me they tested the line from the exchange and there wasn’t a problem on it. But if I wanted an engineer round to check things out it’d cost me £116 if the fault was anything beyond the first junction box. So any problem in the wiring installed by BT is my fault? Yep! Ummm. I thought better of it but immediately after I rang off an extension just ceased working as did my BB line, just like that.

That was Friday. It reappeared for 5 minutes on Saturday and 3 minutes on Sunday morning. Zen’s telephone technical support spent 1 hr 15 mins trying to get me re-established, to no avail. But they did tell me that on checking their service records, I lost the BB ‘carrier’ for an hour around the time I called BT. Well the reality was I lost a whole weekend’s service for some reason beyond me – that’s business and pleasure. Today (Monday) I called in an online specialist to sort it out. It took him 30 minutes – we’d lost our wirefree element when the BB link went down. And £40.

Don’t ask me how it happened but BT weren’t in the least helpful. Is this how all customers experience my former company? And I missed all that sporting action to blog about too. Don’t talk to me about England v Wales! And what about the Spurs v Man U match which Man U did well to get a point from? I sound like I’m becoming a closet THFC fan. Not true but they are a different proposition from earlier in the season. Interesting Superbowl match too for a change. And did anyone catch Wild at Heart which was more preposterous than ever or Aggi’s skating/Holly Willoughby’s dress on Come Ice Dancing (or whatever it’s called)? On Loose Women today Holly said she wants us to talk about her serious rather than physical attributes as a presenter. Humm…not sure you can have it both ways Holly but I think you’re done more than anybody since Katarina Witt to make ice skating popular again with men.

So much to write about and the moment’s gone. Hey ho, BT, there’s always next weekend


3 thoughts on “lost weekend

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  2. hi Mc

    many thanks for checking in. have read the posting, such a nightmare. it makes me sad to know that the company i spent so long working for can be so crap at servicing customer needs. glad to know that the other telecom company i worked for got it sorted for you in the end!


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