capello’s team; here at last

Well here we are about to witness a new England managerial period under Sr Capello. To be honest I’ve been impressed with Capello’s no nonsense approach; banning hangers-on and WAGS from the hotel, games of golf, filp-flops and insisting on all eating together, punctuality etc all seem eminently sensible. I’m not sure about the use of surnames – these are grown men after all (well some of them) but anything’s better than listening to McQuiff’s sickening faux mateyness, referring to Stevie G, JT etc. How was that ever going to inspire respect?

But I’m not sure about his apparent team selection. Rooney up front as target man hasn’t worked before, surely he’s better as support to a main striker. James in goal isn’t exactly a step forward but I guess he’s in form. But soon he’s going to have to pick a new no 1 as James will be 40 before the next World Cup. Brown preferred over Richards at right back…bit odd. Joe Cole in the hole as strike partner to Rooney. Isn’t that Rooney’s best position? Great width in the team but nobody up front with any height. Upson preferred to Woodgate partnering Ferdinand. Maybe. I think he’s right to select Gerrard as captain – good choice and at least we don’t have any more patent nonsense trying to accommodate him and Lampard in central midfield. See McTwat it wasn’t such a hard decision was it? Let’s hope he hasn’t created a new dilemna; trying to shoe-horn Rooney/Cole into the same team. Barry’s omission at the expense of Hargreaves is unlucky I think.

We ought to win comfortably – at home, full house, new manager, keen squad but I’m a little uneasy about our attacking formation. Sometimes I think England play too defensively. With Hargreaves we’ve effectively got 5 defenders and a goalie against a Switzerland side missing two key players who I’ve never heard of. Their most notable player is Senderos the ponderous. It’s not like playing Brazil is it? So why not go 3 at the back with Hargreaves in front or leave a back 4 and  drop Hargreaves in favour of a natural target man up front who Rooney et al can play off. Why be so coy against an average side? It looks an interesting selection but flawed IMHO. But let’s see eh – given my concerns they’ll probably go and win 6-0 just to prove me wrong. Then again didn’t McPrat get off to a 4-0 flyer against the European Nations Champions…..ooh er.

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