sally anne bowman

Did I just read the news about this poor girl’s murder correctly? The man accused of her killing Mark Dixie, 37, an unemployed pub chef has denied that he was responsible but has admitted to the fact that he stumbled across her dead or dying body on the pavement outside her flat and did what most right thinking men would do and ‘took advantage of the situation’ by having sex with her. For Christ’s sake what on earth possesses someone to think that’s acceptable behaviour or a reasonable defence? Oh I was walking along minding my own business, when I stumbled over this young woman who had clearly been attacked and was probably dead. I thought about calling for help and then thought hang on, it’s been a bit slow on the romance front recently and she’s out of it so probably won’t mind being re-assaulted, so why not help myself to a quickie whilst no-one’s around? What a stroke of luck eh? Is that the thought process he wants us to accept? It’s almost more depraved than if he’d just admitted to her brutal killing. This is going to make me sound no better than Gaunty but I hope he gets found guilty and gets thrown in with the sodomites. It’s not a very civilised thought but this creep deserves nothing better. Is it just me who thinks that?


ps it was announced today that Dixie has been found guilty of her murder. good. with luck he’ll be down there with the beasts already and they’ll be teaching him some home truths with the soap.

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