office admin….and numbers

You may have detected a reluctance on my part to embrace bureaucracy – especially if you’d read my recent posting on tax returns (still not done). I hate forms and office processes and corporate nonsense. At BT we had to produce tons of meaningless stuff just to satisfy the God of Being Seen To Do The Right Thing; personal development plans, annual appraisals (the form was always more important than the guidance), personal/team/dept/LoB targets blah,blah, blah. Once I’d left and set up my own company I thought I’d left all that behind. Of course it’s still there – in a different form but I’m no fonder of it.

I’m also rubbish at the simplest of office management tasks. This last week I’ve failed to put the right stamps on a number of invoices and some agreements for new clients and they’ve failed to arrive. My partner in Sponsorfinder who’s very old and wise (but mostly very old), had to traipse 5 miles to his sorting office and pay extra money to collect some copy invoices from me. He thinks I’m a clutz for not knowing that large envelopes attract large stamps irregardless of weight. Did you know that? He’s right of course. I also make at least one mistake, usually significant, in every formal quote/agreement I give out to clients. It drives my partners to distraction. I once replied to a sponsorship request from one of my colleagues and in response I expressed some doubts about whether we were ideally placed to find the backing the client was looking for, only to realise – too late – that I’d pressed that ‘reply to all’ button. Of course the client was copied in too and he immediately sent something back saying that clearly we weren’t the right company to do his sponsor searching. Well I might be simple but at least I’m honest.

Anyway my colleagues put up with me. I got two new clients last week so I don’t suppose they mind that much.

One final thing – my fascination with numbers (except when they’re needed on a tax return!) got me again when I was checking through the admin stuff on this site. I’ve now done 300 postings and about 200,000 words on these rants and random thoughts. Askimet has blocked 3000 spams on viagara and penile extensions et al and we’re now receiving around 1000 visits to the site every week to read these wild ramblings. Amazing and thank you folks. I think that’s ever so cool and then this morning I stumbled over a site from Hawty McBloggy who describes herself as a girlie, geeky gamer and her site which has been running since May 2007, the same as mine, has attracted just the 857,649 visitors. She writes, very engagingly, about cute Valentine’s cards for gamer girls and things and she’s closing in on her millionth visitor. Now that’s impressive!

But I’m still proud of my 16,775 visitors. Just don’t expect me to post you some thank you notes, and for them to reach you. All the same, thank you…



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