Newcastle and Manchester, united in disappointment

Not a good day for Newcastle yesterday. It seems that Nigel Pearson has already had enough of the new Keegan regime and has resigned as assistant manager – or whatever title he had at the club. That didn’t take long and wasn’t the greatest shock – after Keegan’s failed wooing of Shearer to be his number 2. You wouldn’t have been terribly impressed with all that if you’d been Pearson would you?

I knew Nigel a bit – he was club captain at Middlesbrough when we first sponsored the team and he always struck me as one of the few principled footballers I ever came across. So I wasn’t surprised when his resignation was announced. Anyway he was off in the morning and yesterday afternoon NU got a real tonking from Aston Villa.

I’ve been saying for a while that although Allardyce left them with a healthy enough points total, their fixtures were full of tough matches and I could see them getting dragged into the relegation battle by end February. Well Boro now head them in the table and Sunderland are right behind them. I can see Wigan and Birmingham hauling them in soon and Fulham and Reading are both capable of picking up points whereas NU just seem to be heading into melt-down. Keegan out by mid March and Shearer in as no 1? Don’t laugh too loud; it’s very possible.

But no great news for Man U either who lost inevitably to Man City today – MC’s first win at Old Trafford in over 30 years. And it had to be sleepy old Benjani who scored the winner. I was impressed to hear that the MC fans at the game behaved impeccably at the minute’s silence for the Munich victims (though there were fireworks to be heard in the background I understand). Good on yer Blues fans.

I strongly suspect SAF and the club probably put too much emotional pressure on the players this week which might have affected their performance. SAF was ranting on about Man C being a totally inappropriate fixture during this sensitive time for the club. But to me it was the perfect fixture given the historical significance of the crash upon both Manchester clubs. Anyway we now need another Lancashire team to do us a favour tomorrow night and beat the Arsenal. Come on Rovers.

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