too close this

As the red tops know there’s nothing like a clever punny headline to capture lots of interest; and that’s nothing like a clever headline. Anyway have you seen the recent C4 adverts for a new programme to be hosted by Alex Zane called Rude Tube? It’s a celebration of the top 50 good, bad and the simply shocking clips appearing on youtube and the like. In other words it’s the online equivalent of You’ve Been Framed which spawned Kirsty’s Home Videos. You’ll be pleased to note that as well as all the latest user-generated stuff there are also some rude TV outtakes, an idea first covered by It’ll Be Alright on the Night and copied by Harry Hill’s TV Burp. Plus there’ll be some crazy ads but hang on doesn’t Tarrant on TV do that?

Yeh but this is all internet-driven and leading edge and new…except that Lenny Henry.TV’s been running on BBC1 for a few weeks showing exactly the same selection of the funniest, rudest and downright weirdest (Rude Tube uses the expression ‘most bizarre’ at this point) clips from the internet. And Graham Norton’s been doing it for ages on his late night chat show programme. It’s all cheap as chips TV and it gets less original as time goes by. Lenny Henry’s version is truly cheesey, so bad that they have to introduce a studio guest to introduce their best clips half-way through. Presumably because Henry runs out of something (anything) interesting to say after 10 minutes. Anyway I think the best clips are already being circulated by all of us all the time. Come on guys let’s see something new on the box. And if you want to see how to be achingly funny look no further than Richard Madeley interviewing Ricky Gervais. Priceless, enjoy:-

Now that’s entertainment.



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