One of the things that WordPress provides you with as blog site host is a bunch of daily stats about visits to your site, links through and search terms that people use in finding your site. There are certain search words that come up every day. I once did a posting about Fern Britton and Carol Vorderman entitled Sexy Ladies and unsurprisingly that’s one search expression which features a lot in my inbound list (and right across the internet I’d guess).

I also did one on the Vodafone ad featuring the Disney tune (Little) April Showers and everyday someone checks in with that search description. I’ve a feeling it’s also a pseudonym for a porn star or some practice not seen at vicar’s tea parties, but whatever the reason it features heavily. Several times a week I will get one or two searches for Jules Hudson, the presenter of TV’s Escape to the Country which is intriguing. Jules obviously has a following out there but every single day I will get several searches for Gaunty or John Gaunt, the Talksport shock-jock. You’ve got to hand it to him, the bloke is popular as well as polarising. They say Britney is the most googled person in the world but I tell you Gaunty is the search term Daddy on my site.

I’m not terribly sure why that should be so; it’s not like I’m a major fan of his. No matter how critically I write about his views and opinions and foibles, it always seems to attract readers. Interestingly though, the only people who comment on my postings are people who tend to be with me rather than agin me as JG night put it. But I’ve got to believe that many people do come onto the blog who are supporters of his often reactionary views. Have you watched his late afternoon performances on the Alan Titchmarsh show? He always gets huge ovations for his lock ’em up, hang ’em high, send ’em back rants whilst the poor sap selected to argue on behalf of the view that large-scale immigration from E Europe has been a good thing, doesn’t even get a ripple of polite applause.

So what? Well today I was tuned into his show whilst doing some work on the laptop. He was in jaunty Gaunty mode – maybe it was because it was Valentine’s day. Having baited the hapless sports linkman (the Moose) and flirted embarrassingly with the news link girl, he threw open the topic of conversation to that searching question of the day, what do you think of Channel 5’s decision to film a new series of the 70’s TV favourite Minder, with Shane Ritchie in the role of Arfur Daley? I bet the production team over at Radio 4’s In Our Time which features Melvyn Bragg and a studio of expert guests discussing the history of ideas, culture and science must have just disconnected the plugs and gone home. I mean how do you compete with that?

It wasn’t the deepest radio debate I’d ever heard. I’m not trying to be all smug but for goodness sake. Even a debate about Feb 14th: rip off or rip ’em off? would have been more stimulating. I think the conclusion was the Gaunty didn’t believe his mate Shane should do it. Not quite a giant leap for mankind.


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