Honda; not so wondaful?

What do you think of the new Honda ad? It shows their engineers enjoying problem solving sessions using rubic’s cubes and shapes and stuff. It’s sort of interesting but I kind of got the impression that it’s all been done before. There’s even a bit where they have fun putting sugar cubes in the tea in the staff canteen which is a parody of their own wonderful ‘cog’ ad. The final bit shows them making a car out of jig-saw pieces which just looks so like the Skoda ad made from bits of cake. Even the car looks similar to the Skoda model. But the thing is the original just seemed to do it so much better.

It’s not that the other was first; it was also more finely choreographed and filmed and the final product looked as good as the real thing. The jig-saw Honda just looked like that. The Garrison Keillor voice over is still as rich as ever but it just seemed to try to hard to create another masterpiece and all they produced was a very good ad. Most companies would die for that but for some reason I felt disappointed. I guess it’s just so hard trying to follow the Asibo robot, Dream the Impossible Dream and Change Something ads etc with something equally good. Is it just me? Have a look below if you haven’t already seen it. It’s good, but for me it scores just a very respectable 7 out of 10:

See what I mean? I don’t even like the name of the model, the FCX Clarity. Trying too hard again.



2 thoughts on “Honda; not so wondaful?

  1. and good on yer for being so loyal. i was only making the observation that the latest ad is good but just not as innovative and startling as earlier ones. do you think it’s as good as ‘cog’ or ‘change something’?

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