Well after my feast of postings yesterday – there just seemed like so many things to rant on about and comment on – a bit of a writing famine today. We got up a little late after a little too much wine last night which is something of a rarity to overdo it these days. There are probably many people smiling in complete disbelief at this point. I didn’t say abstinence I just meant not going mad at it every night. Believe what you think. Plus I had a quite a bit of work on today so a busy morning bashing stuff out. Then C mentioned she wanted to go food shopping. Normally I’d go a little deaf at those words but I’ve been crashing away on the laptop all week and felt more than a little cabin crazy so I was happy for a chance to get a change of scenery – even to Waitrose in Towcester. The other reason was that our two grandsons were coming to us this afternoon and I love buying little things for them, like Thai sweet chilli crisps which S and I always have as a stay-up-with-grandad late night snack when he stays over. Full of rubbish and indulgent but hey, when you’re grandparents you’ll understand.

Anyway we were due to meet E with the boys at John  Lewis in  High Wycombe around 4.30pm. After getting the shopping put away  we set off shortly after 3pm. E called when we were almost there to confirm she was having a Friday afternoon nightmare on the M25. We hooked up eventually after heading further down the M40 around 6pm. E needed some petrol and baby G was in need of changing and feeding. We stopped at a petrol station down from the Slough exit and the lady in the shop confirmed there was a McDonald’s a mile or so down the road. Fine. Off we set and drove all the way into  Slough some 7 miles away without spotting McD’s. We went up and down the main roads leading into the town  for over half an hour.  I used to work in the town for 7 years and I still couldn’t remember where the place was. Eventually we parked up, walked down the High St and found it. The changing rooms were in a right old state and we left. The Burger King’s facilities were closed. Eventually we found some open and relatively clean facilities in Pizza Hut, which we haven’t been in in 25 years. We were all pretty famished so had a pizza etc which was fine as it happened, although the waitress did advise us against ordering the spaghetti & meatballs as it just wasn’t very nice. You will not be surprised that Michelin stars are a bit thin on the ground down Slough High St.

We left E around 8pm and got home 9.30ish. Poor E had been on the road since picking S up from school and had to drive back to Brighton. Anyway E got back safely and the boys are with us now, tucked up, fast asleep and looking like angels. It’ll be the last time they are with us before we leave this house. This was S’s home for over 2 years and it still feels empty without him – and the girls too of course. But this weekend we have our wonderful grandkids with us so life is fine. The place will be a shambles by mid-morning but who cares? This really is the most fulfilling relationship in the world. Soppy but just inescapably true.


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