things that give me pleasure

Well after having the grandsons for the weekend and seeing Man U cruise to a brilliant Cup win yesterday, it’s been a bit of a quiet Sunday night.  I’ve done a bit of essential work for tomorrow’s meetings and have made serious in-roads into the new John Grisham book, the Appeal.

Before following C off to bed I thought I’d do a quick posting about the grandkids (see previous) then as I was about to close down Windows up pops a classic track from Sir Cliff Richard. It reminded me that after hosting the former PM and  his wife’s holidays at his Barbadian home for the last few years, it was reported recently that Sir Cliff has been successful in extending the period for which he can earn exclusive royalties from his music. How he managed to change the law I’ll never know. I hope the Peter Pan of the UK pop scene is delighted by this news. If ever a self-absorbed man needed more publicity and money, it’s Sir Cliff. So his track tonight hit a chord with me. It’s the classic  Wired for Sound and it reminded me that he may well be wealthy beyond our dreams but this guy apparently remains so proud of delivering this incredible piece of video artistry:

It gives me so much pleasure to close the weekend knowing that the star of this video is so warmly regarded in Gov’t circles. It’s so deserved and I think I can now appreciate the Gov’t’s decision to shore up Newcastle-based Northern Rock bank’s loan extravagances to the tune of £50B and six months later to then nationalise them.  At least no-one can accuse Gordon Brown of not supporting homo-loaners…



2 thoughts on “things that give me pleasure

  1. Surely you can’t knock a guy with this much talent?

    Did you notice the video was shot in and around Milton Keynes Shopping Centre (known as “the city” when we were kids). I think I remember being there when they shot the skating bit up at the John Lewis end. I’m sure this video was feeding off the Athena air brushed posters of the era, there was one with 2 chiselled female profiles sporting big 80’s post punk hair and new romantic make-up and of course wearing sony walkman headphones, when they were blobs of orange foam. So much more sophisticated than “tennis girl scratching her ass”, (but sadly not as good).

    God the bloke’s an complete twat.

  2. hiya pat

    i thought it was mk shopping centre but there were no 14 year old girls pushing babies around so i wasn’t sure. i think i even recognise the underpasses. those pastel all-in-one suits are v special. i was surprised don juan cliff didn’t don one.

    he’s just in my mind at the moment and can’t shake him. i think i feel another posting coming on

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