can someone else do the draw please?

Well the Gods of good fortune have failed to smile kindly on Man U again in the FA Cup 6th round draw. We could have drawn Barnsley or Bristol Rovers or the Blades (or Boro) or Cardiff or West Brom but those old goats at the FA pulled another really tough tie (albeit at home) v Portsmouth after having had to overcome Villa, Spurs and Arsenal in earlier rounds. That’ll be 11 Cup ties on the trot against Premiership opposition. Surely it’s an FA conspiracy to let a London side win it again!

Chelski? Well they get another severe test against top Yorks side, Barnsley – though no doubt the Russkis will be screaming But It’s Away! Yeh right. I think we all know Barnsley will be viewing it as a pay day and not a lot more. They had their fun in Liverpool. I don’t suppose lightning could strike twice and allow that pigeon to find its way to bombing the head of the Barnsley manager again could it? And could the stand-in goalie have another stormer? Nah, we all know he’s going to let in 6 and the only shit hitting the manager will be the stuff diverted from the fan when his defence plays like girls against Drog, Anelka, Lampard et al.

I’m not trying to suggest it’s all over for Pompey – far from it. But I was just thinking that it’s not been ‘arry’s year. He had a realistic sniff of the England job, probably the last big one in him, until the police swooped on his home and took his missus’ laptop away looking for evidence of dodgy dealings. It killed his chances with the FA stone cold. And as I reflect on it, what happened about that? Is he still under suspicion or was it all a mistake and have the police apologised (yeh right)? If ‘arry was ‘al fayed it would be the biggest conspiracy of all time.

Then HR gets tapped up for the Newcastle job (probably the next last biggest job he was going to be offered) and having mulled it over declined it. Only to see KK being offered a king’s ransom to say good bye to the circus and re-sign for the Mags, and so far deliver them unto the relegation zone.

I wonder if that explains the wry smile on his face, especially as he might have thought that his team were doing well in the FA Cup and was this his chance to actually win some silverware to justify the decision to say with Pompey and crown a decent managerial career? It was all working out until today’s draw – probably the toughest he could get.

It’s not all over of course (we should be so lucky) but I’d forgive him if he had looked up to the skies when the draw was announced and whispered ‘oh thank you baby jesus’. Never mind ‘arry I’m sure your boys will turn up more determined than Arsenal were. I was delighted to hear Brian Woolnough saying tonight that it was shameful for AW and SAF to criticise Nani for showing disrespect for his beautiful keep-uppy display when the real disrespect was actually shown by Arsenal’s awful disinterest in the match and the institition of the Cup – both in the team selection and the team’s performance. To be fair to Arsenal fans I saw many similar comments on their fan blogsites (and fro my regular Gooner commentator PGOB) which made me realise yet again that the spirit of this beautiful game rests almost completely in the affection of those fans who queue up every week to watch their sides come rain, cold, sunshine, wins, draws and losses. The fact that I saw not one lame excuse, just real annoyance, from the Gooner fans made me respect them for their devotion not just to the club and the manager and the team but as (more?) importantly to the soul of football, the game itself. Respect.

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7 thoughts on “can someone else do the draw please?

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  2. I’m glad we got Pompey. United have a history recently of overlooking clubs in lower divisions and getting dismissed by them (Coventry City anyone?). At the very least drawing a Premiership side should keep them focused.

  3. i guess that’s right mark. i always have misgivings when SAF starts dropping half the regular side to play lower league opposition. at least this will ensure he picks something close to the optimum team.

  4. Reminds me of ’99. Group of death in Champions league, Arsenal in cup and horrendous run in in the league. I think it’s pretty good as SAF doesn’t have the luxury of tinkering too much…every game is a must win from now on in and we seem to respond better to that.

    On the Nani thing I thought it was deadful! Fancy not showing the proper respect to the brave Arsenal team and having the temerity to provide entertainment in an area of the pitch normally reserved fro punting to row Z.

    I think Arsenal are to be applauded for their fantastic attitude in keeping alive the old English spirit (albeit in a foreign team) of kicking and bullying anyone you see as a threat.

    Thank God someone is acting as the guardian of the game and showing Johnny Foreigner that he can’t come over here with his fancy tricks without paying the consequences. It’s easy to see why this is the best league in the world….

  5. could be a good omen then m. i think you’re right about the harder the challenge, the better MU seem to respond.

    nani was just having a bit of fun wasn’t he? the game was up already. one things for sure. it’ll be replayed many many times on the telly so will live long in the memory. happily!

  6. As a Norwich City supporter I was desperate for a Man Utd/Chelski quarter-final, in the hope that someone outside the “big four” might win the cup, but I must admit I hadn’t realised United had played so many Premier League teams in a row in the cup so fair play to them if they get through – which I’m sure they will.

    For more football ramblings mosey (is that still a word in common use? If not it should be) on over to

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