bad week for the gooners

Well I was saying that Arsenal might suffer a reaction after that disinterested performance they put in against Man U in the FA Cup on the basis that once momentum is lost it is hard to turn on great performances just like that. Their overall game against AC Milan in mid-week actually looked alright but they ended up with a goalless draw and the away match will be difficult for them. Yesterday they had one of those games against Birmingham City and again came away with a draw. But they lost more than 2 points of course. That dreadful tackle, which was more clumsy than malicious I think, has robbed them of an in-form player for the rest of the season. That was bad enough but they seemed to lose their cool too yesterday – understandably upset at the injury to Eduardo and increasingly frustrated by some of the decisions that went against them yesterday. Although they remain 3 points clear at the top of the table, they had a resigned, losing look about them. That said I was pleased to hear that Wenger had modified his immediate post-match comments about Taylor. That was appropriate.

If it was a bad week for them then Liverpool had a great week. That win against Inter Milan, probably the form team in Europe, was excellent and they followed it up with a good win against a spirited Boro yesterday to cement their 4th place in the League. Equally it was a good week for Man U. They weren’t at their best against Lyons but a 1-1 draw is fine to take back to Old Trafford. And yesterday they put on another master class against Newcastle with Ronaldo and Rooney having a field day. I know I keep going on about this but New U are in deep trouble I reckon. The form and confidence is shot to pieces and other relegation-threatened teams are all picking up points around them. A win will give them breathing space but I can’t see where it’s going to come from. The appointment of Chris Hughton as assistant manager isn’t going to provide the lift that having Shearer in the role might have done. I’ve always thought March might see Keegan leave and I still think it could happen.

Now all we need is to see Tottenham beat Russia FC at Wembley today. The one thing we will be spared is seeing Mourinho running down the touch-line preening and holding up 6 fingers for his trophies. I think we’re all pleased about that. Now come on Berbatov.


3 thoughts on “bad week for the gooners

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  2. Hi PP

    Its been a bad week at the office for sure, and the injury to Eduardo is extreme – compound triple fracture, which effectively leaves his foot attached to his body by muscle tendons and his sock.

    There are some images of the tackle and his injury here, but, I warn you (and others on the blog) that they are not for the faint hearted.

    Once you have seen these you’ll begin to understand how badly it affected the squad, who to be fair are still relatively young.

    Its a real shame for the player because, as you rightly say, he had overcome the initial hurdle of being introduced to English football, and was beginning to produce some excellent football.

    As far as the assailant goes, I’m not sure Matt Taylor meant to cause the damage, but what is clear is that he went in over the ball (if it had been there) and with all studs showing. Now you and I have both played a bit of footie in our time, and we know what the outcome of that approach is – a classic defenders ‘let you know I’m here’ tackle. Sadly, his effect was the worst it could be, but, it ain’t like he just slipped is it?

    On top of all that Mike Dean and his assistants had an absolute howler, with significant mistakes being made across the pitch and for both sides – truly shoking.

    Still, your boys had fun in Newcastle, and once again proved that King Kev continues to develop into ‘king Kev!

    A bientot mon brave


  3. hi pgob

    i caught some of the photos on the web this morning and i just can’t look at them. it just makes me feel faint – they are that horrific. i agree that it was a bad tackle from a mean defender but i’m sure taylor was intending to be uncompromising and not malicious. but you’re right in that it was asking a lot for the players to continue after that.

    i remember the david busst leg break v united several years ago. that was a bad one too and it affected players on both sides. you’d think that the ref might use his intelligence in these circumstances and ask the players if they want to continue or to leave the field. the match could always be re-scheduled. i honestly don’t think the arsenal players’ hearts were in it after the incident. fabregas and hleb in particular looked pretty shaken up.

    anyway 2-2 it was and it’s let man u pull some points back. it was like a tea party up at st james’ wasn’t it? NU have got back-to -back matches against fulham and birmingham in a few weeks time which will define their season i think. fail to win those and they will probably go down I reckon. i can see them getting no more than 36 points this season and i’m not sure it will be enough to save them. keegan in and out ….up pops shearer for next season.
    it could happen.


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