friends and sir cliff richard

We’re having a friendly and frenzied final week here in the UK before heading back out to Italy. On Friday night we went to see M and G for dinner and had a fine old time. We went down the local pub which does some super food and G and M were generous as ever. Staying over is always an excuse for G and I to stay up very late but we were chatting mostly and G in particular was being quite careful with the wine. He wanted to be fresh for the prospective new gardeners turning up early the next morning for interviews etc. One cancelled and one was running late and G was not impressed despite M’s lovely breakfast. Then last night M and J invited us round for a meal. M called me in the week; his dad gene had kicked in in the last few months and he’s gotten the cooking bug too. He made us a belting italiano-anglo fusion of lasagna followed by traditional trifle. The kids (ha!) J and H joined us for dinner which was lovely – they are all grown up and doing grown up stuff which is surprising and delighting in equal measure. That little lad who came to play 5 a-side footie with us at 10 years of age now dwarfs me physically and socially. Both he and H told tales of their recent experiences which made ours seem positively trappist. Life eh…

We got home late-ish. Carol shot off to bed but I wanted to catch the Carling Cup highlights. To be honest I was struggling – two nights out in one week-end seemed tame at 17, forty years later it seems like we’d spent a month in Baccanalia. Before heading to bed myself I caught this Faith and Music programme with Sir Cliff. I can’t get away from him. It was all about his personal faith in Christianity of course, which is fine. I have a grudging respect for the guy for standing up for his beliefs against a huge amount of contra-opinion. But I just can’t stand his self-adulation, preening, weird standpoints and twatishness. He is so up himself as to be unbelievable. He was having a pop at George Harrison a few days ago for constantly playing out of tune on all the Beatles songs. I’m not sure someone who calls his brand of music Rockspell and who recorded Congratulations, Mistletoe and Wine and the Millenium Prayer should throw musical stones. He’s also talking about himself being the UPS – the ultimate pop star because he’s out-sold everyone from Elvis, via the Beatles to Oasis/Take That and yet no-one gives him credit. Get over your(little)self.

But his wacko comments apart it’s his looks and appearance which continues to absorb me the most. He’s always had probably the most perfect hair in the history of mankind; thick, lustrous and impeccably coiffeured, impossibly better even than Clint Eastwood’s in the original Dirty Harry. And he’s always dressed like a girl in tight spangly stuff, lots of leather, red/electric blue jackets with sleeves rolled up. Take a look at this (for just a few seconds – his words are hard to take):

He’s not blokey is he? Anyway last night I’m watching him and it’s a close-to-head-shot interview with him. We’ve always known that his neck skin looks like some kimono dragon whilst he’s had the hair of a 14 year old, and a whole new set of gleaming white teeth every 3 years. But it’s clear that the years are taking their toll and Cliff is definitely resorting to some reconstruction around the eyes/mouth etc. He just gone a lot Joan Rivers. Plus joy of joy, the hair is receding and thinning. It’s starting to look v Nichloas Cage-like. To be fair he has 35 years on the equally neurotic cagemaister but they are both fighting inevitability and the strain shows on their faces. Have a look at what the stress is causing:

Now you may think he looks great and this is very sour grapes from someone who has less hair than Rab C Nesbitt. But I know those tell tale signs and this guy is struggling to hang onto hair dignity. What do I care? Not a frigging jot. I’m just delighted to be honest to witness Peter Perfect’s slow decline as that hairline slowly recedes back. And I shall be watching with increasing glee as the botox is fed in at an equally fast rate to keep the facial stuff all looking trim. He can’t stop now. He cannot let/allow himself to grow old as nature wants him too because, after all, he is the Peter Pan of Pop. Huh.

You’re a self-absorbed, vain, little mannequin and you seem to lack the ability to love anybody but yourself. Growing old is going to be be very hard on you. I look at my friends and we’ve piled on some pounds, lost some/all hair (what’s left has gone grey), added some lines, seen tummies expand and boobs sag a little, experienced creaking joints and increasing lack of stamina. But you know what? We act our ages and look good on it. The sexiest women I know are all over 45 and the most engaging men about the same if not older. Age is as much about how much life you exude as how much you’re had. Fortunately our good friends are full of life and they all look 30 to me and always will.

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13 thoughts on “friends and sir cliff richard

  1. I think Cliff looks GREAT to be his age. ANd he only tried Botox a few times and then quit because he did not like it or the results. As far as I know he has never had plastic surgery.

  2. hi alice and connie

    i’m pleased to say i have no hard evidence cliff is gay…. but come on he’d never make it as a lumberjack would he? to be honest i’ve nothing against his sexuality but I do dislike his narcissistic and self-regarding nature. good-looking? eye of the beholder i guess.

    anyway guys i’m not trying to make enemies here. you clearly like him; i just happen not to. each to their own eh? many thanks for checking in – i do appreciate you taking time to read through.

  3. Hi,I am a Swedish Sir Cliff Richard fan,ever since he became famous and known in Sweden. I have meet him about 8 times,and he is a gentleman,but maybe he has become abit blue-eyesed. I and many with me feels that some has taken over his life. He Celebrate his 50th Anniversary in Showbusiness this year.
    He is Not Gay,he has had many girlfriends. If there is a Swedish fan around here,maybe from my town Uddevalla,please contact me.(Wembley Arena,10 November-08.

  4. hi birgitta

    boy sir cliff sure has some loyal fans. you’ve got to admit that he’s kinda self-absorbed though eh birgitta? anyway who cares about his sexuality.
    many thanks for checking in and i hope you hook up with a fellow swedish fan.

    ps i’ve drawn sweden in the Euro 2008 championship as my betting side. so come on you IKEAites!

  5. I guess you can call Sir Cliff all the things you have, taking just bits and pieces of things he has said.
    I don’t agree on everything he says, but for exaple, I do think its weird radiostations won’t play his new releases anymore, simply stating he is too old.
    Last time I saw him was in 2007 en he was in excelent shape, doing one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen of him (Here & Now tour).
    And why does he have to be modest about his achievements?
    He has been around for 50 years and is still a great performer, he has had #1 hits in 5 decades, he is Britans best selling artist ever…..
    and with all radiostations denying him a fair chance on new succes he still manages to get a #1 hit 🙂
    One of his last singles, what car, had great hitpotential, all critics agreed on that actualy…..but still, no airplay for Sir Cliff.
    So what may come accross as selfabsorbed I choose to look at, as Cliff striking back.
    I can understand he must get frustrated some times over the way they used to call him Peter Pan of pop and whilst he does a good job of trying to keep up that image they all of a sudden treat him like an old man!!

  6. hi jannet

    and many thanks for checking in and your comments. i think you’re right in that he probably doesn’t get the airtime he used to but i can’t believe Radio 1 think his music’s for their listeners. a lot of radio 2 is quite edgy now too and again his style is probably just a bit too ‘nice’ now.

    but hey he’s got an army of loyal fans who continue to buy his records regardless so what does he really have to complain about? that’s my point. he’s enjoyed 50 years of free publicity on the airwaves – it’s surely healthy for new talent to be dominating now.

    check in anytime jannet


  7. I don’t know what kind of music radio 1 or 2 play….I’m dutch 😀
    and I’m not a big fan of his christmassongs, but it is a bitty that they can’t listen to a new release with an open mind
    But I’ve actually seen this for years…..
    When I used to tell friends I’m a Cliff fan (in the 80ties), they only know him as the guy who sings congratulation, living doll and we don’t talk anymore…
    Than I would put on an album like I’m nearly famous, or Small Corners and they would go like – Hey…nice music…who’s this???

    But never mind…we can all have our opinions about the man…
    and no matter what….I’m sure going to enjoy the reunion-concert with the Shadows this year!! In London and in Rotterdam!

  8. I am young, romantic and he bloody makes me want to grab him, kiss him and play a naughty game of lust with me and him in the starring role.
    I am 26, and often fantasize that devil woman lyrics, ‘tall dark stranger, long black hair, with evil on her mind’ is me.
    I am tall, softly tanned (more honey coloured0 with black hair and he is the sexiest of men and that picture just makes me want to do more naughty things with him.
    I thin he is allowed to be narcissistic. I mean he has done a lot in life and has accomplished as much as most people dream and then some.

    He is also kind and a very gentle man

  9. wow monisha.

    i have a feeling your lust may be a little wasted on the bachelor boy. ah well he’s v lucky t have such devoted fans. you’re welcome anytime m – many thanks for the (hot) comments and for checking in.


  10. Sorry, I’m just pinching my cheeks as I feel like I’m in the twilight zone (or maybe Planet Delusional) when reading these comments.
    Sorry loyal fans but Cliff is, and there’s no easy way to put this… crap. Radio stations don’t play his music because it’s crap. His sense of style is crap. The way he dismisses his manager living with him for well over 20 years as ‘a business arrangement’ is crap. His ‘relationship’ with Sue Barker was crap.
    Oh and by the way, Daniel O’Donnell is ahem…. a little on the gay side.
    And he’s crap too.

  11. @ Helen: Whatever the man does privately is just that…..
    I think no matter what he says or doesn;t say about that, people will just think what they want anyway….
    But just ….what if he’s just honest?? What if he just simply didn’t want to commit to anybody because he feels good doing what he does…living the way he does…
    Does that mean he should live alone? Just so there wouldn’t be any rumours?
    It’s so funny how people keep quoting him on everything that they think is stupid, naive, selfabsorbed and so on…
    but when he says he’s just not that interested in sex and never felt in love enough to commit…and has chosen to live with one or more friends because he doesn’t like living alone…no one believes him…
    He only once or twice say he wasn’t gay….and now simply doens’t feel the need to repeate that over and over……
    Instead of guessing and gossiping….why not just simply believe the man…
    I don’t think he comes across like a liar…..
    And if he turns out to be that…well guess you can only pity him for feeling the need to live a lie then….

    And as for his music being crap…..I’m pretty sure you never went to a concert….I recomment a DVD from the Here and Now tour….or the Concert in Leeds castle……
    The tour whit the shadows right now is great too, but that’s ofcouse limited to the songs they did together…..and he;s done some great things in the past couple of years….

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