Well I think my recent postings on the blog have been a little down-beat so time to lighten things a bit with a real munter of an ad I saw whilst watching Sunday’s Grand Prix. It’s the latest from ING the asset managemnent company (I think) who have become major backers of the Renault F1 team. As with all companies who get involved with motorsport sponsorship, they can’t resist doing a corporate ad with the cars/drivers as the core theme. Remember that howler from Santander bank? Well this latest from ING is a lulu.

In the early days at Cellnet we had a sponsorship arrangement with Nigel Mansell. We did a series of short 15 second tv ads featuring famous people using their (then innovative) mobile phones. We did one with Brian Clough dropping someone from the team over the phone, one with Joan Collins sat in the back of an open-topped Rolls Royce saying she didn’t do commercials (I liked that one!) and then one with Nigel personality bi-pass Mansell telling someone over the phone that he was stuck on the grid. Cameras pans back to reveal Nigel talking from within his Range Rover stuck on a cattle grid….ho hum. See what I mean, it’s just not possible to create advertising magic using wooden tops like F1 drivers unless it’s to take the piss out of them – and who dares do that when the relationship’s costing a fortune?

So back to ING who similarly focus their ad on Fernando Alsonso who seems to be walking slowly and purposefully through a mass of fans and engineers acting frantically but in slow motion (I know, I know). Trouble is he cannot act any better than old Nige and he sports this stupid grin on his face and a nodding, knowing kind of attitude. He looks like he’s just cacked in his pants and speaking of which, the racing suit he’s wearing is just like a clown’s suit; baggy, ill-fitting and in horrible orange and yellow with one of those snappy little black belts. He walks up to team mate, Nelson Piquet Jr who does this pointy finger thing but at least he looks good. There’s some corporate twaddle being spoken in the background as the camera zooms in on the grisly brandING on the cars (total cliche) and then we see the two drivers speed off onto a deserted circuit – because they can’t use actual race footage of course. Perhaps that’s just as well because the team are doing crap despite all that backING. As Alannis would say, isn’t life ironic? Take a look below and enjoy. Just f ‘ ING rubbish. 2 out of 10 is more than it deserves.

Ooh how bad is that?


7 thoughts on “ING; NFG!

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  2. Well, the ad does show how egotistical Alonso is.

    I much prefer the Vodafone ad from last year with Alonso and Hamilton racing each other to the hotel, to the reception, to the lift, to the rooms and eventually falling over each other while laughing about it! Quite natural and humourous, and rather a good prediction of how the year went: yes, they did fall over each other, but they weren’t laughing about it….

  3. hi fd

    thanks for checking in. i missed that voda ad but it sounds like a decent creative idea for a change and quite prophetic in terms of their later personal relationship which, as you say, was anything but cordial.

    they reckon alonso’s lobbying to undermine massa and take his seat at ferrari. he’s a nice guy…not.


  4. Alonso’s bad news IMO. Yes, he has talent, but flawed talent. No team will benefit from his presence. Alonso claims the credit when he does well, and blames the team when he cannot do so well. He gives off all the vibes of a spoiled brat. And a nasty piece of work.

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