bloody technology

Well our run of good luck continues. I was describing recently how pleased we were with Telecom Italia for getting our broadband up and running so quickly. I’ve had clients and fellow Directors on at me to get some work flowing again and we were beginning to catch up. Then last night I went and picked up my laptop slightly awkwardly by the frame of the screen and I went and cracked the screen itself. It wasn’t too bad for a while but the crack’s widenned rendering it completely useless now. For frig’s sake. Is it just me?

I think the 12 month warranty has just expired too (not that I suppose a cracked screen is covered). Does anybody have any advice about whether it’s repairable/replaceable? It’s a Toshiba Equium A100 – 027 bought at PC World . My good friend Carl suggests taking it back there to begin with which seems sensible. Are there specialists at doing this (in London) and what might a new screen cost to replace? Any suggestions welcome….



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