What were your impressions of the visit to the UK of President Sarkozy and his stunning new wife Carla Bruni? I listened to the end of visit statements from the Emirates stadium (unusual venue for a summit?) but there seemed little of substance to me. A new ‘entente formidable’ and a vision of a ‘global europe’ whatever that means. New task forces to be created and sharing of thinking etc but that seemed about it to me. Did I miss the really substantial bits?

It may be just me but on a personal basis I have to say I quite liked Sarko and Carla. He’s a funny looking little guy with lots of  mannerisms and tics. But when he speaks you listen and he seems very natural and self-confident. At public speaking Gordon Brown looks like an automaton. And Carla looked perfect and acted with huge grace and elegance. The red-tops rather cheeky attempts to embarrass her with the nude photos didn’t seem to faze her in the least (she’s a model for christ’s sake and how many First ladies look that good naked?). She never tried to out-shine the Queen but it was she the cameras were trained on. From what I could see the Queen seemed to like her company. Not sure what she thought about Nicolas – he seemed disinterested and over-familiar in equal measure. And  he was very touchy over (mostly French) press comments about the attention his wife was receiving. A bit prickly our Nicky.

But they make an interesting and colourful couple don’t you think?  Gordon and Sarah just look, well, dull brown in comparison. They remind me a bit of Tony and Cherie and Berlusconi and his wife – loving the media attention when it’s positive and getting all huffy when it gets down and dirty. But never a dull moment with the Sarkies, quite formidable! 



7 thoughts on “sarkozy

  1. Interesting view from afar.
    Gordon is brown or gray or tepid. But nice guy till the next election.
    I’m not that keen on Sarky and there were unhealthy noises of troops to Afghanistan which won’t go down too well with his country men.
    I thought the picture of him trying to steal a kiss on the barge has interesting body language.

  2. never a dull moment though winslie. check out the you tube vid of him pissed – very funny, especially his walk up to the mike. steady nicky…

  3. You’re right about one thing, Paulie – Sarkozy is certainly funny-looking. Not sure what Bruni sees in him but then again some women are attracted to powerful men.

    Coincidentally they were over in this country not too long ago – not quite the same media frenzy you describe though!

  4. hi mac
    On a tv show in the uk a mock interviewer once asked attractive assistant debbie mcgee what she saw in the millionaire paul daniels… (an annoying balding middle aged magician).

    you do suspect that if sarkozy was a dustman he might not be as attractive to carla B!

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